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Workout of the Day. This is a structured class in which everybody trains together lead by the coaches. A typical WOD class contains a Warm Up, Technique work on Olympic Lifts, Gymanastics, or general Conditioning, before the 5-30 minute Workout. The workout will consist of highly intensive metabolic training using typical Crossfit moves, in the format of a EMOM (Every minute on the minute) AMRAP (As many rounds/reps and possible), For Time, For Weight, etc.


Open Gym - FREE FOR VARANGIANS. Drop in £10

Clean Hip Extension

We have a lot of Open Gym sessions, this is because this is your time to do what YOU WANT. This is the time for your focus, to work on your weaknesses, to build on your strengths, learn something new or spend a whole hour working that one bit of technique that's tripping you up. The coaches are there throughout and can give you guidance, extra programming or will simply help you with whatever you've got planned. In these sessions you'll see people practising Olympic Lifts, Gymnastics, Skill work - anything: This is where the gains are made.





Gymnastics is a fundemental part of the Crossfit methodology. Our primal class focuses on all aspects of movement - from building up to your first muscle up to how to crawl across a mat using one arm and one leg. This class will build your bodyweight strength on rings, bars, floor, boxes etc. taking influence from Gymnastics, Calisthenics, Martial Arts and more.


Mobility - FREE FOR VARANGIANS. Drop in £5

Crossfit Varangian Mobility WOD

Our Mobility class is part of the Gym's Active Rest Thursday. It is a yoga-based class that focuses on the flexibility and mobility needed for Olymic Lifts and Crossfit Technique. You will be led through stretching moves by a Coach, with everything scaled to your level, it is an essential part of Crossfit Training.






Struggling with Snatch? Want to get that new Clean & Jerk PR? This class focuses on the Olympic Lifts, mixed with coached strength work, supplementary exercises and mobility. The coaches are fully qualified through British Weightlifting and you will follow a class program designed by them working at your level, suitable whether you're a beginner or advanced lifter.




Running club - FREE FOR VARANGIANS. Drop in £5

Low intensity, engine building cardio is suitable for everyone especially people wanting to see results in their long term cardiovascular fitness. The class is designed improve your running technique and stamina. We usually run around 5k with mini workout breaks along the way! Don't worry if you've never run a 5k before - none of us had! We all stick together and you will definitely be surprised what you are capable of.

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