- How can I find out what training at Varangian is like?
Best way is to call in & watch a session, get talking to a coach & they can explain to you what way that class is structured while giving you an idea of how you would begin starting your own training, if you would prefer you can arrange a time to call in & meet with us privately, some of our members used to have trouble with anxiety/meeting new people so we understand how scary walking into somewhere new can be! But that really is the hardest part! If you're searching YouTube remember if you're watching the games athletes they have been training for years upon years, you're not going to be expected to do advanced movements on your first day & until you've had the proper preparation!

- Is it is true strength training and intense fitness training gives you injuries and is bad for joints?
Walking down the stairs & going over on your ankle can be bad for your joints. Yes it is true that ALL forms of training & sport come with risk of injury but our goal with you is to prepare you for daily life so that if a day comes that you do get hurt your body is able to cope with it better as it is stronger & more prepared for stress. The movements that are all taught are to give you full range of motion through joints & combine flexibility with strength.

- Are workouts as heavy as I’ve heard?
Yes, but it's burpees you have to be afraid of... Very afraid! As a member you are always coached to your individual level & capability. Through noting your time/performance/form we can easily let you know when you're ready to increase the weights that you're lifting. Same goes for if you look like you’re in danger of hurting yourself, you will be stopped immediately to decrease the weight or possibly have the exercise altered to help you still complete the workout.

- Do I have to already be fit to join?
Nope! does it help? Nope! We've trained personal trainers, fighters, dancers, complete beginners etc it doesn't matter where you are fitness wise there will be somewhere you're lacking & we're very good at finding weaknesses for you to work on! Everyone was a beginner once you just have to find out where you are on that path & start running... But get this! the path doesn't end, you can always improve!

- How long do I have to train before I see some changes?
3 sessions a week with good nutrition you'll start to notice physical changes in 4-6 weeks, you'll probably notice your energy levels, enthusiasm & sexiness changing for the better almost immediately though if your attitude is good your results will be good! Simple!

- I'm scared to gain too much muscle?
What about bone density? Connective tissue? You're not going to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger by doing CrossFit, your body will change shape but it will be more functional muscle for movement rather than muscle that bodybuilders have for shows which IS an amazing art in it's own, just not what we do.

- Is functional training/strength training just for men?
Um, no! Varangian is for everyone! Male, Female & Chihuahua, when you come through our doors you'll be treated as a student & a friend nothing more, nothing less. For workouts there is weights that the guys will have to work towards & weights that the girls will have to work towards (slightly lighter) but the exercises you do will be exactly the same!

- What I should wear for training?
Shorts or track suit bottoms, trainers & a t-shirt is fine to start off with! As you progress you may want to consider buying lifting shoes etc (good footwear is essential if you want to advance in your lifting, something without give in them that are stable) as you inevitably become more sexy & want to show off your "gains" your clothes will become skimpier & working out topless if you're a dude will most likely become the norm... Completely optional though!

- Do I need a gloves or any other specialist clothing?
Nope! Over time if you want to lift heavier you may want to invest in these things but we believe in working on your form more to develop your own internal "armour". Our exsisting members that already have these things will gladly let you try their extra equipment though, so you can see if you think it would be worthwhile. Often he problem with using them all the time is your body gets lazy & relies on them... Not a good thing!

- What if I can’t lift recommended weight? Or do a certain skill in a workout?
Then you work up to it over time, your safety is priority. Weight and skills come with time, sometimes we will ask you to train heavier sometimes we'll ask you to train lighter, as coaches it's up to us to get you to vary & push yourself in your training. If you think you can do more we will let you have a go at demonstrating reps before the workout starts but if we are not happy with your form we will say no. We'd rather have you going home pissed off than hurt ;)

- Do I work out on my own or do I have a trainer?
The classes are capped at 14 so you are not going to be lost in a crowd, if it's a lifting session you will be coached a given certain things to work on & we will keep coming back to you to correct things. If you strive for perfection you might just catch excellence.

- What I should expect on my first workout?
Blood, sweat, tears & swear words... This is not true. We will test you on your first workout with light weights or bodyweight depending on your training background, from that one workout we can easily see where you're at & know what intensity to start you off at for other sessions. Doesn't matter how good you ever get we'll always be trying to improve you to get the best out of your training. If you're having a bad day, lack of sleep etc and don't tell us WE WON'T KNOW! So please tell us at the start of a class. Don't be a hero!

- For the price, why don’t I just go find a personal trainer?
We've done personal training & truly we would never go back to it, there just isn't as much fun! We do offer this service as well but will do our best to talk you out of it to do sessions! Training with friends in a community is motivating & the energy is amazing plus on unlimited sessions the more you train the better value it is! We WANT you to train! We WANT you to use our equipment! We WANT you to be there as often as you can! This is in no way slagging personal trainers this is our opinion. For some people one on one works better & we wouldn't keep them from it! At the end of the day you have to do what's best for you!