£65 a month might seem like a lot to people for a gym... But when you break it down CrossFit Varangian has incredible value for money! Most of our members train a minimum of 5 times per week, roughly 4 weeks in a month, that's £3.25 per session!

And what do you get for that £3.25? Access to hands on coaching with experienced coaches that know exactly what you can do and how far to push you, you'll also be shown how to progress yourself safely to learn movements that to most people would seem like it would take a lifetime to learn!

Your own  Varangian Personal Trainers

Imagine having complete access to a personal trainer and nutritionist but without the hefty price tag? Any question you have is answered immediately and you are actively encouraged to work on your weaknesses to become the best most complete athlete you can be no matter what your fitness level! We are all human so why should you not train like a professional? Sign up to CrossFit Varangian today and become part of the most encouraging, supportive, fun and challenging community there is!

Some of our Sexy January Onrampers

Before you start training fully, we invite anyone interested in joining to complete our Onramp course. This will give you the basic moves and tehcniques, while also helping you get to know us and us to get to know you and any modifications you'll need during training.

Getting Started

What is an Onramp?
Our Onramp courses are one on one sessions with one of our coaches designed to asses where you're currently at, teach you the basics and ge you ready for group classes.

How long does Onramp last for?
An Onramp course lasts 3 weeks, with sessions available in every Open Gym. Towards the end, depending on you're progress you will all start to be invited to full WOD's (still scaled to your level).

I have injuries / I'm overweight / I'm unfit, so maybe it's not for me?
Hopefully it's starting to get around now that CrossFit is for everyone no matter what age or level of fitness, everyone is coached to their own individual level & a large percentage of our members have different limitations that they are now finally working on & seeing vast improvements! Never count yourself out! You can be surprised how much you can accomplish if you just try & put yourself out there!

How much is the Onramp Course?
£70 for 3 weeks of 3 sessions per week, after 2 weeks you're upgraded to Unlimited Membership for the rest of the month.

The coaches are ridiculously beautiful, is it not annoying for them?
It is both a blessing & a curse!

Tom & Tomek

How do I sign up?
Just get in touch to let us know you're coming! Register using our teamup online, or when you come down your first night we can set you up with a profile,

Can I find out more about what training at Crossfit at Varangian is like?
Yeah of course, check out our FAQ page or get in touch!