Meet Jo

Jo is a mum of three girls and a private swimming teacher who has to fit her training into a busy lifestyle. She's here to show us all that age doesn't matter! For months she watched as her daughter got private training off one of our coaches, and one day decided to just give it a go. 

She motivates us all with her strength, fitness, perseverance and positive attitude. Jo is a big part of our community and we're so glad to have her as one of our 6am crew!

Meet Michael

Michael found us on facebook, and like many of our members was nervous to come down for his first session. But once he came down, he fit in straight away and coming to Varangian became more than just exercise.

When Michael is in the gym you know it will be a fun session. He works hard and consistently with the coaches to reduce the back pain he used to have and he's dramatically improved his strength, muscle mass, skillset & mobility!

Meet Dee

One of our most inspiring members:

We first met Dee at our January onramp. As our busiest onramp of the year, we’re used to enthusiastic people around that time, “new year, new me” and all that; but Dee seemed to have something a little bit more about him. Smashing through his onramp, he completed his first (scaled) Fran first out of the whole group.

Unlimited membership was soon to follow, along with ... [read full post here]

Meet Chris

Full time job, single Dad - Chris has a busy lifestyle, but he never lets that get in the way of his goals! Speak to anyone and they'll tell you that Chris is one of the most motivated members in the gym.

Not afraid of hard work or working on his weaknesses, Chris keeps going from strength to strength, pushing us all to be better. #betterneverquits