Choosing a gym/ new year’s resolutions

Hi everyone so I have been talking to a lot of my clients about new year’s resolutions and the fact how many people sign up to your average local “Global-gym” on a contract and end up not using it. It turns out (unfortunately) that it’s a very common practice… I get it people want to get fit they are making a decision that this year they are going to make some healthy changes start exercising on a regular basis. Loose X amount of weight (bodyfat %), reclaim their Health & Fitness.

Those are all great goals but unfortunately for people with average fitness knowledge or educated by Men’s  Fitness Magazine or the Sliming world magazine or something of that sort, joining a new gym can be a very scary experience. I know I’ve been there. Out of shape, had no clue what I was doing making eye contact with a local meathead made me almost urinate myself out of stress never mind the spandex wearing , burnt toast fake tan, perfect hair personal trainer.

Quite honestly I felt out of place, I wanted to come in and do something after all it was my big “I’m gona change my life” moment. I wanted to walk in, somehow sneak on all the machines that I was instructed to use and quickly escape unnoticed. I stuck at it but it took me a year of constantly feeling like I’m not really getting what I paid for.  So in my first year without any direction basic instruction and the lack of know how I achieved very little and managed to spend £450 on gym membership… A bargain if I ever seen one.

My point here is that I have been listening about peoples friends and sometimes personal journeys that still look like this. My friend told me how he joined the local no direction gym for all the benefits like a sauna and a swimming pool which he used twice a year but still kept paying the memberships and signing contracts just in case this year he will go more. I bet most people reading this blog were or maybe still are in the same situation.  Another person talked about her endless cycle of going for a month and then taking off 2 months because of a burnout or injury sometimes both at the same time. Don’t know how many people told me that they just quit because they didn’t see any changes and had no clue what is it that they are supposed to do and quite honestly didn’t feel like spending £30 a week on pt + £36 on the membership a month…

The point of this blog is to make you think twice about signing up to a gym where you are just a number and where you are told to “stick to this routine that we are giving out this January to all our new members for ever” and you will reach all your goals. It doesn’t matter are a guy or a girl, slim, overweight, tall, short, what body type you are etc. all you need to do is stick to those machines, don’t swing a kettlebell as it’s a health risk, don’t do back squats or deadlifts if you’re a woman.

Look for a gym where you will be given some proper coaching and a direction. Look for a gym where you will be supported both by people who attend it with you and all coaches! Look for a place where all aspects of health & fitness will be addressed. Where you won’t be given a cookie cutter training advice and Nutrition info. Choose a gym where successful clients are still there! Where people can tell you how much they have achieved since they joined.

Enter the shameless plug:

If you found a place like that I am very happy for you and wish you much success on your personal journey whatever your goal might be! But if you are still stuck and getting nowhere. If you are looking for a place that I described just above? Where the peoples stories will speak for themselves.  Why not give me us a chance if you are really are serious about reclaiming your Health & Fitness.

Hope this story will help some of you!