Humble beginnings...

Hi everyone I had a interesting conversation yesterday about the struggles of people to regain health and fitness, fat loss, muscle gain etc. I noticed there is a huge disconnection between people struggling to achieve their goals and personal trainers or fitness coaches at least in some cases. I heard it my self quite a few times from various clients.
The : you have it easy! You don't have a ton...e of weight to loose, or you are fit already (even tho I'm miles away from where I want to be). It's almost like people see me today and assume I was born this way, was extra athletic at school, never ever struggled with any demons and that all I live on is lettuce and water. Well let me tell you a story! Or better yet ask any member of my family members about pretty much the first 22-23 years of my life.
I never participated in a any sports in school out of lack of interest and skills, had no coordination what so ever, one of the smallest kids in my class lol. Always chubby thanks to my relation ship with food especially sweets. Yes I spent a lot of time outdoors playing and messing around but always with a bag of sweeties somewhere close. At the age of 14-15 I started smoking as it was the uber cool thing you could do! By the age of 16 I was on a Healthy 12 a day oh and alcohol started being apart of my weekend rituals...
All the ways through college I lived on pizza, burgers, hotdogs, sweet pastries, booze, weed and cigarets ironically I was studying Nutrition technology...
So by the time I finished college I was terribly out of shape felt tired, my personal and work life was affected by the long chain of very bad nutritional and health choices. That continued for a few more years, I was too lazy to change. I didn't believe in my own knowledge and dint want to step out of my comfort zone to learn, explore and improve.
I had an excuse for everything including the shitty genetics, I'm starting tomorrow, next month, after Xmas you name it I had it.
Eventually all those things caught up with me and my health hit rock bottom. I weighed in at 93 kg/ 14.6 st. Zero muscle.Unfortunately that's what I needed to finally get a grip and do something about it! I've been on this journey for a few years now and I'm not planning to stop here it's a work in progress when comes to my own body, performance and education wise.
I guess my point is if a lazy, out of shape, chunky kid like me(I still LOVE marzipan) could do it then so can YOU! I am being serious about this only because I know how lazy I can get. We all have our weak points and so called inner bitches holding us back. There are far more professional coaches and PT's sometimes even athletes who went through struggles than you think. We are all only human.
So if I and a lot of my clients could do it so can YOU!

Refuse to give up!