Athlete of the month

October "Athlete Of The Month" goes to the man! The myth! The legend! Alan Fleming! 

Alan has been with CrossFit Varangian since before CrossFit Varangian... Some studies suggest that he was there before even  Tomek himself, this streamline silverback for a long time has been able to leave people half his age standing in disbelief at his extreme level of endurance, he talked to the coaches recently looking to focus on enhancing his strength even further, not only has he done that but as an added bonus he has been doing WOD's at RX weights & has taken his fitness including flexibility to a whole new level! Alan leads by example with his enthusiasm & determination! He has taken advantage of all the transferable skills he has learned to now wrestling, if you're fit & healthy why not enjoy it by trying something new!?! Alan is proof to anyone that it doesn't matter what age you are, what height you are, what weight you are if you want to do something, you put your mind to it & you DO IT! 

Specialties: endurance, speed, shampoo savings