"Looking for fun in Lisburn? Try the CrossFit Varangian Fat Loss Challenge!"

LADIES & GENTLEMEN! The "Fat Loss Challenge" is upon us AGAIN! For all you newbies the CrossFit Varangian Fat Loss Challenge is to see who can drop the highest body fat percentage within an allocated time in a healthy manner MEANING you have to eat & eat well, having a pizza before your first measurement then skipping breakfast before your last won't work! It is £2 to enter & the winner takes the pot! PLUS the coaches will match whatever is made! 
Here are the rules:

1. Your initial measurement must be taken by Tomek on or after Sunday the 2nd of November 

2. Your final measurement MUST be taken on or before Sunday the 7th of December (just before the Christmas shindig) late submissions will NOT be taken! 

3. Having a private Nutrition Plan with Tomek is allowed (worked quite well for the last winner) 

4. You are encouraged to post pictures on Facebook of any "accidental cheesecakes" or whoopsies 

5. Posting pictures of delicious desserts & taunting is all fair game, if you happen to unintentionally make a pavlova & leave it in the gym... These things will happen 

6. You are encouraged to use information from previous Nutrition Talks & not try to starve yourself, this will not work, your performance will suffer & your coaches will pull you on it! 

7. In the general CrossFit Varangian way encourage one another & have fun with it! Chill the beans... If you're feeling like a Jaffa cake why not try some stretching? Or at least eat it in the bottom of a squat!! 

Good luck all! Eat lots! Sleep well & Train smart!