The Morning Would...

Now.. Make your own jokes here but does anyone else ever wake up stiff? I know I do! So what are you doing about it? Shuffling to the coffee jar taking baby steps through the fear of your knees exploding & your brain leaking out of your eyes? Coming off with the phrase "oh it just takes me a while to get loosened up in the mornings" or just staying in bed & ordering a pizza because it's just too late for you! 

Here's a mental concept that CRAZY nutters have been coming up with all around the world (have you ever seen a non crazy nutter?) "MOVE" first thing in the morning. Stop doing the zombie walk till noon, stop waiting to do something until you go to the gym/box/sexy beast making factory or whatever you kool kats are calling it these days & just GO. Let's get back to that phrase "a while to loosen up" well if you actually did some "loosening up" it wouldn't take said "while".

So! After waking up/checking Facebook/scratching the usual surfaces what do you do? Start off with some really deep breathing & rotate the hands & feet getting all the cracks out (cracks are fine as long as they aren't sore cracks... Sore cracks need seen to!!).  Then, start to become aware of all your bits & pieces, stretching out/flexing out/do a little gun show ;) it was a cool concept that I saw at kundalini yoga after a meditation practice.  Now when my wife's away to work early & I've the whole bed to myself I love to throw myself straight into the pigeon stretch to get those buns firing ASAP, but if it's her day off it's best not to jump around like a toddler on a sugar rush first glance of sunlight... So hop out of bed & BOOM straight into a squat, depending on what your body feels like that day, try holding it, try some reps. 

Now! On to the morning bathroom business, my bathroom is downstairs which is great! I get to do a bear crawl down the stairs before certain tasks (have to be fast if you're downstream!) but the idea is there! Your whole house is a playground! Stairs are FANTASTIC tools for movement, crawl up, crawl down, do some really long lunges up as many steps as possible, jumps, you name it! I love getting breakfast then getting to run back upstairs to get dressed & back down again! I'll sometimes deliberately forget stuff so I get another go! 

What about getting dressed? How many of you sit down to put socks on? What a fantastic opportunity for an excuse to stand on one leg!! Multi task? Put your shoes on whilst buttoning your shirt! Make the start of the day into a game! Think of all the weird & wonderful things you can do then improvise! I don't have a pull up bar in my house but I've damn sure got a roof space that I can hang & do pull ups from! There is no better shoulder stretch than some passive hanging, does it hurt your hands? At first yes but like everything your amazing body is introduced to it adapts!  It gets stronger.  If you keep trying new things your body will crave it & you'll in turn feel more motivated to move! 

Go to the gym to be coached, learn & do your intensive workout/weight training etc, after & before there is still a whole world of experimenting you should be doing, it may be refining what you have already been shown or it could be just bouncing about like you're on happy pills just to see how you react to certain patterns. Try walking along the side of the curb (the roads built-in balance beam) or climb a tree, hang off things, skip! & I don't mean the boring one with the rope!!, who cares who's watching.  Move more, enjoy your life & start finding out what your body is capable of achieving!