Athlete of the month!

After the destruction of the PR board during November so far (by mainly the girls) it was looking pretty doom & gloom for the guys but then OUTTA NOWHERE!! Lisburn's Dark Knight, CrossFit Varangians silent hero Adam Travis Campbell! In a recent interview with operation Team Chadam his partner agreed with us in our praises for his kindness & hard work ethic by saying "he's actually a d**k" now we don't know a lot about ducks but they must be pretty awesome if they're being compared to our Adam. 

When he started Onramp in September the coaches noticed he had a hidden underlying strength combined with flexibility... but natural talent can only get you so far. Adam has put so much work in these past couple of months that he is doing almost every WOD at RX weights & getting fantastic times! Not only has his lifts gone through the roof but his fitness levels have dramatically improved because he uses that strength in the right way! 

An absolute pleasure to teach Adam has fantastic listening skills & is not afraid of criticism! Although always encouraged to ask questions we don't think we've ever heard him ask one & if you told him to stand in the corner & practise overhead squats with a PVC for an hour even to this day we think he would! His relaxed attitude towards training combined with his dedication will take him ridiculously far! His only fault being that he is too modest, you sir are awesome! Never forget that & scream it from the rooftops 

Specialties: Deadlift, Cleaning, improv music videos...