Athlete of the month

Simply the best! DO DOO DOOO DO, better than all the rest! DO DOO DOOO DO, otherwise known as Ashleigh Best! Yes! The CrossFit Varangian Christmas athlete of the month award is yours! 

When Ashleigh first came to us you could tell that she seemed very down on herself, you would have a list of "I can't" & "I'll never be able to do that" but in no time at all she's turned completely around so that all you hear out of her now is "I'll give it a go!" plus one of our favourites "can I try more weight??" Her strength increase is phenomenal & her dedication is fantastic like so many of our members having hectic lifestyles, if she can be there she WILL be there! She is an amazing example of how just doing something positive for yourself can give you more confidence & completely change your attitude to everything in life for the better. 

With bruises & quite literally tears from workouts she leaves everything in the gym, is now setting goals for herself & with her new carefree attitude she is going to be unstoppable! Have an awesome Christmas & we look forward to seeing you kicking 2015's ass! 

Specialities: power cleans, squats, deadlift, complaining about having to do animal movements at 6 o'clock in the morning