CrossFit Varangian Athlete of the month!

This months CrossFit Varangian Athlete Of The Month goes to none other than our very own Kat Cassidy! We knew this awesome runner right from the very first Onramp session was going to be a "coaches pet" with her notebook, pen & keen ear Kat has taken notes on almost every demonstration, every piece of advice, every WOD, every lift & it does nothing but show in her performance! Reading through her log you can see her progressing from light kettlebells to barbells to weighted barbells over what seems like no time at all! This perfectionist is a fantastic mommy at home plus she is also a mommy in the in the gym & helps the other Varangians keep track of their rounds when they're still sleeping during 6.00am WOD's :) her relaxed attitude & big heart is always going to be a massive inspiration in our community! 

Specialities: Running, Technique, professional round counter

Congrats Kat!