Inner B****

"Your Inner Bitch" 

Decisions... Decisions... Get up... or call in sick & revel in the toasty delight of a cosy bed that always seems to bed so much softer when you have to get out of it. This ladies & gentlemen is your "Inner Bitch" he or she is in us all, it's a mean, sulky, ugly part of your personality that sometimes you won't even know is there! The worst part of your inner bitch is that it's so good at manipulating your thoughts that you will fully believe it & be embarrassed for questioning the ideas it presents.

Now! I'm gonna relate this sucker to training & attitude to training but always be on the lookout for inner bitchness in all aspects of your life! Ever been crabby with your lover/partner/bit of fluff for no other reason than you feel a lack of confidence? But maybe you'd have more confidence if they did more... Painting or something! BOOM! There it is, the inner bitch!  Ever thought about having to run an errand but the traffic will be bad, there will be loads of people... The shops probably closed... Burned down... DOUBLE KABOOM! There it is again. 

It's that little thought in your head that tells you "I can't" tells you "I'm too tired" "I'm not good enough" "that's too hard" one of the worst ones that I've found my little enemy coming off with is "what's the point?" & "who cares" who cares!? I care! & that's the point! Keeping your head in check I would prioritise over a lot of other things (lol my autocorrect wants to say thongs) because if you can't get your lazy ass up to do something to improve yourself because something inside you is telling you that you "can't be bothered" it's not a physical problem, it's a mental problem... That leads to physical ones... Work that one out!

Watch as many videos, listen to as many motivational clips as you want, they will help, they will give you a little spark but your little demon is with you all the time & even when you do make it to the gym she won't be happy! She'll start to mess with your performance (I've decided it must be a woman, no man is this smart...).  Have you ever been standing looking at the weights thinking to yourself "I can't lift this, I don't feel strong today",  have you ever got on the "ack I'm not doing it properly but it'll do till I'm better at it" KAPOW! Inner bitch alert!! & she's got her heels on! One that I notice a lot with people & myself is old injuries.  Even if they haven't given you any bother for years, you start to get the "oooh your knees playing up there", "my backs starting to go".  Now I'm deliberating on  whether to keep this part in or not as I am NOT saying "go through the pain" or "suck it up buttercup".  I am the first person to stop someone during a workout for wincing about their big toe, I am although saying make sure your inner bitch is in check.  If I let myself get stressed out I can think myself into a headache, if you start to obsess about something it can become your whole world until it consumes you... In my mind if you're genuinely sore then stop immediately but if you think there is a chance you're making excuses then have a word with yourself & get back to it! If it happens again STOP immediately! Time to listen to your body. 

There's always an easy way out of anything and it's always very well signposted too.  A lot of people take it & your bitch will console you, she will tell you you can do it again sometime, you don't really need it, that it was everything else's fault, everyone else's fault... Except yours. 

Day to day you are faced with little obstacles, sometimes they'll be easy, you'll skip right over them... Sometimes they'll be hard... Really hard.  Sometimes you'll come across something that feels unattainable, impossible even. NEVER feel like something isn't possible! If you want something & yeah, it may be hard, work for it! Work hard for it! If you start today you'll be one step closer to it, if you fall short guess what!? You can try again! Never feel like you're not good enough to do something or you're not strong enough.  You ARE strong enough and you ARE good enough to do what ever you are prepared to put your mind to.  You are special, you can lift it, you are strong, you are powerful, you are beautiful & if you actually take a chance on yourself & believe in what you are... You can do anything. 

Through those hard times when you've felt like everything is against you, if you go & do it anyway even if you don't want to, really give everything you have that day - that is where you grow, that is how you get stronger. Get your head right. Make peace with your inner bitch, tell her you can hear her but you're gonna do your own thing & take pride in every little small victory along the way. Smile more, pick it up & let the gainz begin!!