Athlete of the month

The first "Athlete Of The Month" award of 2015 goes to!! The amazing! The incredible! So cool Dolly Parton made a song about her but spelt her name wrong... Geolin Hoy!!!!! We've had a fantastic journey with Geolin so far! When she first came to us some of the exercises we were showing her left her with an expression that could only be read "F off, I'm not doing that!" But going through scaling we always managed to find something she felt more comfortable with until she built up to it & golly gosh she builds up fast! It's very rare that you meet people with the level of determination that Geolin has, she has a game plan & she's going to stick to it! There is no plan B! Even on times she couldn't make it to the box & the Christmas period she was asking for WOD's to blast at home! 

When you look back at Geolins progress over her short time with us it's really hard not to feel proud! Not only for physical changes (her strength is phenomenal) but her confidence is skyrocketing! She really will have a go at anything now & if not she is the first person to ask for a progression to start working on to get there! She has a fantastic sense of humour & isn't afraid to push the boundaries just a little! Geolin's now getting stuck into martial arts training & wrestling at the Chum Sut Academy there really is no stopping her! A special occasion is coming up very soon for her so from the coaches & the rest of the Varangians we would like to wish you all the happiness, hugs & kisses you deserve! Cannot wait to see what 2015 brings for you!

Specialities: Lifting, overhead pressing, kicking ass, sheer hatred of burpees, a stare that can make you feel disappointed in yourself instantly.