What is CrossFit?

"What is CrossFit?" This is a question that comes up quite often & you usually get the "constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity" speech & that it consists of full-body workouts that combine elements of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, core training and is to prepare the body for the unexpected..... BORING!!

Actually CrossFit is a wee bit more than that, it's not just a gym, it's not just a class, when you sign up to a CrossFit box you're signing up for a lifestyle change, you're gonna get stronger, you're gonna make new friends, learn new skills, laugh, cry, find out how far you can physically push yourself, you're going to have coaches that look after you, a whole new family you never knew existed & you're gonna get damn sexy!

You'll probably have noticed that people that do CrossFit never shut the hell up about CrossFit! But the truth is once you become part of that family & realise how big it actually is you'll know that anywhere in the world you are you can go into a CrossFit box, you'll know the lingo, have stuff in common & instantly be welcomed by yet another group of the nicest people you'll ever meet, a lot of members sometimes just come down to hang out even when they are on a rest day because it's their happy place & something to look forward to after a bad day at work or for any other reason, a sanctuary for all fit peoples!

CrossFit coaches from day 1 are encouraged to keep learning & attend as many seminars, training days & certifications as possible to always evolve, keep improving their skills & teaching ability, it's like personal training but doing it with your best friends in a group, your coach will know your name, know your limits, know when to push you & how to scale movements to your skill level, they know what you need to work on, help you chase your weaknesses but never neglect your strengths.

CrossFit is designed to suit everyone, from a complete beginner to the fittest athlete, you'll be working out side by side doing the exact same WOD (workout of the day) it will just be scaled to whatever your particular level is at that moment in time & you will both still be lying in a heap afterwards!! You're not going to be expected to compete unless that is a direction you want to go with your training.

Programming is done for all classes in advance, you'll notice that no two sessions are the same and it always depends on the goals of that week/months training, your coach will be thinking about each individual member when programming & if you'll need an alternative exercise, need to work on a certain movement in a separate session or even in skill work. There is no hiding from pushing yourself & all you are asked to do is turn up, give 100% at every session & be honest with yourself, if you're having a bad day you won't be shouted at or told you suck! You'll be encouraged more & your friends will help you through it, that is the beauty of doing the same workout together & THAT my friends is what gets results!

Strength, skill, community, coffee & giggles, forging elite fitness together.