Athlete of the month! February 2015

February "Athlete Of The Month" this months shout out has to go to the dark horse! One of the quiet ones! Ian Millar! You may have seen a post from last year of our Ian about his fantastic progress & not only reaching his goals but smashing them to oblivion! 

Right bang from the start of 2015 Ian has kept up his amazing diligence! If Ian says he's coming for the 6.00am WOD you had better believe he's coming for the 6.00am WOD! From reaching his set goals of weight loss at the start Ian has now set his sights on more advanced movements & now that his flexibility is starting to allow him more freedom in movement we are starting to get to see how strong this beast really is! Not only in body but in spirit! If Ian tells a 50kg barbell that it's 30kg well then that barbell may just listen up cus it's about to go for a ride. Ian has his pace down to an instinctive art & you'll never see him giving a bad lift mid WOD, the perfect balance of appropriate scaling but still challenging himself to keep constant progress.

A Kung Fu brother & friend to Coach Tom it is with great pleasure every session getting to join him in his fitness adventure! We are proud to have him as part of CrossFit Varangian & long may his gainz continue!! 

Special skills: barbell run arounds, consistency, helping others, WOD destroyer!