Athlete of the Month! March 2015

This month we have split athlete of the month into two separate categories due to the Crossfit Open! Too many amazing things happened to not acknowledge them but at the same time we don't want to take away from anyone that has no interest in competing!

SO with that being said! The OFFICIAL "March athlete of the month" is David Forsythe! This evel knievel daredevil quad racing dude just reeks of "legend" when he walks through the door. How often does he walk through the door I hear you ask? Every chance he gets! He is one of our most consistent members & when he trains he gives 110% (now I actually dislike using percentages over 100 when I'm describing something so you better appreciate the magnitude of this situation!) David has so much heart & determination that he actually doesn't have limits! There has been many occasions during WOD's we have had to actually force him to take a rest because he just won't put the bar down which is absolutely amazing!

In skill work to date David hasn't come across anything that he wasn't able to have a damn good go at! With his casual shrug of the shoulders & "I'll give it a try like" his weightlifting & gymnastics level for the length of time he has been training is fantastically well rounded & it's all down to that consistency & attitude that he has! Well played sir! Well played... What's that David? You're entering the open next year?? GOOD MAN!

Specialities: nothing but everything, suspected Duracell bunny, eyebrow raising, any WOD imaginable.


Category number 2 is a joint shout out to some of The Open athletes! We got to see some amazing things from everyone trying it! Nerves, confidence, PR's & so many emotions thrown into 5 workouts! So in no particular order:

Michael Fegan

Natalie Lowry

Jenni Sanders

Harvey Lowry

Mateusz Kachel

Maciej Rotko

Best moments were: Michael learning how to get muscle ups the Thursday morning before 15.3 then going on to get a fantastic score! Natalie's amazing RX overhead squats into an awesome attempt at chest to bar pull ups! Harveys double PR in 15.1 after never snatching above 30kg! AND learning how to do toes to bar for the first time! Michael almost kicking a barbell to death in 15.4 out of frustration, as he's so good at HSPU's. Maciej's muscle up attempts, it didn't happen but he showed you have to at least try! Harvey's face after watching Matt & Michael collapse after 15.5 knowing he was going next!

We're glad it's over but at the same time we CANNOT WAIT until next year!! More guys definitely have to go for it!

Last but not least! A special mention to Open Judge of the month! Elaine Lowry! Judging your friends AND family is a daunting task & you did it with a professionalism worthy of the Crossfit Games! Well done!

Thank you everyone! Keep lifting! OOOOUSH!