First of all... If you're easily offended, that's your problem not mine, so grow up! Only joking, I cower in fear of hurting your feelings... SO! With that being said, this is not a rant about how much I hate people that carry extra weight, in fact it's quite the opposite, if it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't be able to do what I do. What is Fattitude I hear you ask? Well it's quite simple really, everyone has it, just like my "inner bitch" blog Fattitude is quite similar, it's that ugly fat lazy bastard inside you that "can't be bothered" that "doesn't have motivation" would "love to be able to do that BUT..." (hate that word in that context, but but butt, what? You want to talk about asses? You're an ass!). Now where your inner bitch is more a problem of preventing you doing things at the time, Fattitude is the one that can make you not even have the thought about even contemplating trying.

Pick up a Barbell

I believe your body is like a mirror, it reflects the things you do, or the things you don't do. If you're going to sit on a couch like a potato guess what's going to happen after long enough? You're going to look like a bloody potato. Coincidently, if you eat, train, live like a professional athlete, give it enough time & your body will become that as a by-product, it has to, it's that simple. "But I don't have the time" really? REALLY? If you can't organise yourself to have at least one hour a day to your own self-development then you've got to change your priorities.

I can't even count how many times I've heard people saying "I'd love to be able to do that." I don't like to bullshit people so I give the honest answer which usually consists of "a lot of hard work, dedication, consistency & perseverance". Now, if you’re hungry for success you'll say "oh tell me more!", and you will start working on it instantly. If you've got the Fattitude you'll most likely reply "Wow, that's cool! Well done them! Have you got a couch?" If that's the case, you just lied right out of your face: you would really express that you'd "love" to do something, then not bother your arse even trying?? You're a liar & a swine! Let's get this straight, everyone & I mean EVERYONE couldn't do something at one point. What makes the person that CAN do something so special? Most of us have two legs, two arms, torso, head & I'm assuming some sort of brain... here's the uber secret: they had a vision so they went after it, worked at it & got the success they deserved.

One of my favourite motivational speakers talks about "becoming the strongest version of yourself" I LOVE that phrase! What better way to help you visualise yourself in a positive way! (And I have to say future me is even more HOT!). Now that's all well & good to have that target, but how about this for a bonus, what about the other end of that spectrum? The weakest version of yourself. I don't mean that as a where you think you are now, I mean where you could end up if you don't lose your Fattitude. Sitting there not working towards anything, waiting for someone else to "help" you do stuff, going through the motions, coming up with endless reasons why you "can't" do things. If you start doing that, keep it up, then you're gonna get better at it. You'll just keep waiting, excuses will just roll off the tongue & it becomes almost impossible for you to change... What do you think you look like now? Proud? Don't think so.

Is Fattitude contagious? Yes, very much so. We all know people that you talk to that basically brighten up your whole day with their positive mental attitude; you skip away thinking "you know what! Life's alright!" Then there's the ones that after a five minute catch up you feel the need to drink copious amounts of vodka & cranberry (I don't even like cranberry) they aren't doing anything wrong or doing it out of badness, it's just their outlook on things in general.

The problem arises because we are human, we like to bond with one another & a good way to connect with someone is to relate with them. You hang around negative people enough & they're going to rub off on you. I do believe in "vibes" & "energy" plus that you should have a moral duty to try to touch everyone in a positive way (boom boom) be the person that lights up the room, be the person that inspires people to want to push themselves, be the person you want to be in the future by already acting that way... Your body will catch up if you just give it time. Most of us have two arms, two legs, a torso, head... Brain, but it's only when you find your balls & drop your piss poor attitude that you can really start to create yourself.