If You Think You're Perfect You're An Idiot

Do you really think you can continuously annihilate your body & central nervous system day in day out without any repercussions? No one is indestructible but it is possible to get pretty close...

Apparently! Saying bad words during a blog post is deemed as "not very professional Tom" so I have decided to see how many innuendos I can "slip in" here (boom! One right in there! THERE'S TWO!) Anyhoo, let's get stuck into what I really want to talk about. Looking after one’s self SHOULD BE a number one priority! I don't mean in a selfish way. Have you ever been on a plane when they're discussing the oxygen masks coming down blah blah blah? You put your OWN mask on first before assisting anyone else, same applies in life, how can you help anyone else or really "give it both barrels" if you aren't pleasing yourself?

What happens when you train? The most basic way to break it down is that you cry a lot, make loads of noise, sweat like a maniac then collapse in a heap on the floor being convinced that you can hear your muscles squealing at you IN THE HOPE that next time you do it you... Cry a little less, grunt a bit, just glisten slightly & then sit down casually enjoying "the burn" voilà!! You got stronger! Enjoy it, but remember that now you have to up your game if you want to make progress, don't get comfortable because comfortable is laziness disguised as "trying" keeping all that in mind. Do you really think you can continuously annihilate your body & central nervous system day in day out without any repercussions? No one is indestructible but it is possible to get pretty close...


"What do we need!? A proper physical therapist!! When do we need it!? Preferably once a month!" Oh no!!! I want you to waste MORE money!?

Listen here, if you can afford smart phones, pizza night, sky tv, boozy weekends, holidays, date night, laptops, tablets, new gym gear every week but can't afford to invest some sort of money into your structural wellbeing then priorities need a good check again. I think there should be some sort of MOT for humans, honestly imagine what state peoples cars would be in if they weren't tested to make sure they were safe. Your body is the vessel that keeps you alive & you should look after it regardless of what you do! Training at a high level or not I do not believe there is anyone that should be walking around oblivious to their shoulders being rounded, having a curved spine, pelvic tilt, collapsed arches etc. "But I don't have any problems or pain" …not yet...

Shopping for a good physical therapist can be hard, lots have different styles which all have their merits, and you just have to find the best one for you. With all businesses there is people that have a passion & are good at what they do then there's people that are good at marketing, lab coats, fancy words & really hot receptionists (true story) you are in major need of a bullsh1t detector here!

First things first, if you call up for a consultation & it's really hard to get an appointment then book one, I see a waiting list as a good thing! (Obviously, only best if you aren't in need of immediate attention). If you walk in & there's whale noises with scented candles you've probably booked in for a "skin rub" that's not a massage! You should expect to be bent into horrible positions & have elbows dug into you!! You have to be able to build a relationship up with your PT so they can start to build on your treatments to really get the tension out of your body.

Ideally when you go in they should ask you what problems you may have, but they shouldn't just focus on that. Checking your posture & how your muscles react/fire ALL OVER is more important (if you have a reoccurring misdemeanour, in most cases further up or down the chain there is a reason that area is giving you problems & it may have nothing to do with the affected joint/muscle) does the PT train themselves? Personally for me I like someone that's treating me to have life experience of wanting to train & knowing how frustrating it is when something is holding you back from your goals. An added bonus is that if they hate ALL forms of exercise because they know the problems/imbalances they can cause... but still encourage you to be active!

Closing thoughts when looking for a good Physical Therapist:

1. Do they show an interest in what you do training wise & have knowledge of what it consists of?
2. Are they hooking you up to fancy machines & giving you complicated diagrams with big words? Why?
3. Are they fixing the issues you have or just taking your money? An honest PT will tell you if they cannot help you THEN it's time for doctors
4. Do they give you homework? Exercises to work on at home to strengthen your movement
5. There are people that can have the best PT for them but they may not be for you, everyone is a unique snowflake so you may not get lucky first time. Don't give up though!
6. Do they tell you off constantly? It's annoying because they can see you've been being lazy with your recovery
7. You get what you pay for, if someone can afford to charge however much & still be in business there must be a reason!

Good luck finding your physical therapist sole mate! Best thing this self-proclaimed banana man has ever done!