Best Breakfasts for Crossfitters

I get asked this a lot! What should I eat for breakfast? What's a healthy breakfast option? And the simple answer is there is no simple answer. It all depends; it depends on where you are in regards to muscle to fat ratio. It depends where you are on training and performance level. It also depends on the structure of your day whether or not you will get the chance to eat a decent lunch, it depends on your training times as well.

So as you can see there are a lot of things to factor in when you want to get the best performance at your training sessions or lose body fat. One is for sure you have to plan for it those things don't just happen by coincidence.

This might come as a surprise but most foods advertised on TV as the perfect breakfast foods are not really that, especially at that time of the morning. I mean the breakfast biscuits, bowls of cereal composed mainly from sugars, cups of low fat Greek yoghurt topped with 10 different pieces of fruit both fresh and dried. Now don't get me wrong I know how outlandish this sounds after all the tv box and the smart, sexy looking lady on it said its the perfect breakfast. I find that most people simply don't need 50-70 grams of carbohydrates first thing in the morning, which is what these products contain. I would go even as far as saying few will actually benefit from that type of breakfast. And don't get me wrong I am not a carbophobe at least not any more!

Ok so let's cover main options: Breakfast before an early morning training session and/or a mid morning session, then breakfast before afternoon and/or evening training.


Early Morning Training

Early Morning Training needs Fast Digesting Protein

Ok so ideally I would recommend some fuel and building blocks for your am training session. First thing a good protein source! If the training session is early am and you won't have much time I recommend a fast digesting protein source like Whey Protein, if whey is a no go look for alternatives like hemp or a mix of different vegetarian protein powders like Sun Warrior.

Next comes a bit of Carbohydrate to fuel the session for most people 20-30 grams should be more than enough, but ask Coach Tomek for a more personalised diet plan based on your Body Fat Percentage. Carbohydrate before early am should also come from a faster digestible source like a starch try ditch the excess fructose (found in Fruit). Sources I could recommend before an early AM session would be Dextrose, Cyclic Dextrin, Vitargo, White rice, Gluten Free Oats, Potatoes.

After the early morning session I would recommend a second part of your breakfast composed of another serving of protein and some carbohydrates one of my favourite options is a protein shake and a Smoothie made from 120g of fresh spinach and a medium orange if you need additional carbs use more natural sources rather than supplements, and primarily starches.

Things to look out for with this option: Dial in the carbohydrate intake according to your training: heavy lifting vs WOD. Make sure the amount of carbs is appropriate for your goals and your current body. With a breakfast like this, you skipped fat, so make sure you eat enough fat through out the rest of the day. No Fat= No Gainz, No Fat= No Fat Loss! No Fat= Poor health!


Mid Morning Training

Mid Morning Training needs real food

Now let's assume the session doesn't start till 10 am and you are ready to eat at 7? If you have a bit more time I would always go for real food! Fish, Chicken (with a tiny bit of bacon), Beef, Pork. Eat a serving that will give you about 30-45 grams of protein. Throw in some green veg, like spinach, rocket, water cress, kale. As for carbohydrate my favourite is Sweet Potato. Yes it sounds like a roast dinner but it can easily be made into an omelette. Over all the idea is to get all 3 macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates & Fat) coming from natural sources. Maybe a smoked fish salad with some starches thrown in for good measure.

Post session again can be the same as on the early am session, a high protein shake.

Things to watch out for: Portion size: you eat too big and you will feel sick. Other than that make sure like with the first option that the AM, choices are dialed in to your body and your goals!


Afternoon or Evening Training

Low Carb High Protein if you're training in the Afternoon or Evening

When it comes to training in the afternoon or evening I prefer to save my carbohydrates for later, make the breakfast high protein and medium fat it will make you feel better and will also help with your body composition.

Carbohydrates are fantastic and yummy but they are widely abused. If you are not training in the morning save them for your training time where they will be put into proper use and help you reach your goals as well as make you feel awesome.

So options here would be a Steak! Or maybe a home made beef burger. Maybe a bowl of home made beef stew, smoked salmon on a big ass salad! Options are endless here and this is the time to get the variety of veg on your plate.

Your probably thinking I will never have the time to cook all that in the morning. And yes you are right that's why just like mentioned before: prep in advance, plan! Try making double Dinner portions and eating the leftovers for breakfast.

You have to prepare and PLAN for success other wise it won't happen!