Why you do what you do do

Going to the gym... some people like it, some people hate it, some people love it, some people have never seen one and some people would live there if they didn't have such burdens like jobs and families... Who is right? Well... They all are technically.

Why do you do what you do

The thing is to be what you want to be and do what you want to do, it's your life. Don't waste it following the crowd that you think is right because they say so, get some life experience and try things that you want to and see how they make you feel, if they make you feel good and you enjoy it then keep it up, if you hate it and the very thought makes you sad then drop it! It's that "simple" apparently... Easier said than done (obviously within reason, if you have just quit your job because of this article HIGH FIVE! But... Go get it back if you've bills to pay...)

We're talking about your health and fitness journey here. I'm an ok motivational person and I can give most people a good kick in the ass to get going, but the greatest thing I can teach anyone is to have your own motivation. The second greatest thing is that whatever in the world it is that gets you going... No matter what anyone says... it's your f**king engine, and if it works for you and gets you on a path of self development then you are bang on sir/madam!

I feel that there is too much pressure on people in gyms these days, "oh you can't do that", "you should be doing it like this", "you can't go over there" - listen here chump, if people are allowed somewhere and I'm told I'm not because I'm not good enough, I'll go and let off a protein fart right in the middle of them and then we'll see who wants to be there! Gyms in which no one will talk to each other unless they're already fit or full of gains really get on my nerves. Some people that have always been in good shape never know how self conscious you can be walking into a new place feeling like you have no clue what you're doing, and getting dirty looks from people really are the last thing you need.

I do worry that CrossFit is starting to wander into the "elitist" attitude, if you can't already snatch and do kipping pull ups then CrossFit isn't for you - I hate that idea! The reason I fell in love with CrossFit is that it's for EVERYONE, infinitely scaleable with a focus of what you CAN do, not what you haven't learnt yet. I really cringe every time I hear someone saying that they'd love to do CrossFit but they have to get fit first... We've trained some super fit people and guess what, they still ended up in a heap shaking after their first full workout, it's a different kind of conditioning. The best way to get fit for CrossFit is to do... CrossFit! SHOCK HORROR!

Back to the topic at hand though. Giving yourself a good reason or purpose will infinitely help you be consistent and make progress. "I wanna lose weight" never really worked for me, it was very much going through the motions, and I was also not in the mindset for being a competitive person so I had no reason to look like the sex god I am today. When I started MMA, I couldn't go 30 seconds in a spar without feeling like I was gonna pass out and I was as limber as a 100 year old goat (I couldn't even sit on my heels which isn't very good for sitting tall when someone has you in their guard) all of a sudden I had a complete paradigm shift! I wanted to get fitter to last longer on the mat, I wanted to get more flexible so I could be a better move. I actually had a reason now, not just "hey you need to lose weight because Simon says so".

Finally finding that first bit of purpose/intention gave me the gateway to start becoming something more, then finding I was getting good at it I actually did start finding enjoyment in being a little competitive and really trying to push myself! I wanted to lift heavier, learn new skills, if it looked challenging I wanted to try it. My reasons for doing what I do change every so often but the endgame usually stays the same, I want to have fun with my life and enjoy it by helping others. Being strong and healthy for me is very important and that's why I train personally, being a professional athlete would be cool and all but...I like chips!

If you want to be the best in the world ever and that's what gets you out of bed every morning thats awesome and I have all the respect in the world for you, and for the average Joe that just wants to be part of something and get healthier, I have all the respect for you too! In my world, if you're trying to do good by yourself or others then you are a cool motherflipper. On the last course I was on, the Coach explained why he trains and his reason was awesome: "To not suck at life" I loved that!

Go find your reason to move and get to it! When you get bored of that reason or accomplish your goals, then see what this newer version of you wants to do. You will be very surprised what a difference a year can make.