"Am I please with the results - oh hell YES"

A great response from one of our members after the Crossfit Varangian 2 month body transformation challenge. The goal was to work hard to change your body composition, focusing on building muscle rather than losing fat.

Darren put 100% into everything these past 2 months and has understood the value of challenges like this: you vs. you, how to become better and stronger than you're ever been. Celebrating the victories and not dwelling on the set backs. Everyday is progress, looking forward to seeing where you're at in the next few months!

Wow it’s the end of the Varangian photo challenge (or in my case, the start of the next 2 month challenge), it seems like it was a long time ago that we all started this.

How has it been for me, full of ups and downs - get your minds out of the gutter lol. Could I have done better - oh hell yes, I have had a few off days, where eating hasn’t gone as planned, but you have to live, go with the flow and adapt. I have had a few setbacks where I have been ill, or in pain (no not muscle lol) and couldn’t train as I wanted, again that’s life, you adapt and manage as best you can.

Am I pleased with the results - oh hell YES, I know the challenge was not about weight loss, but a shape changing challenge. For me it’s been about weight/fat loss, and it still is lol. Over the course of it I have lost 19lbs (this is the lightest I have weighed since June 2012) and went down in body fat too (4% according to the scales in the house, I know not accurate- but consistently using them). I have dropped down a waist size in trousers, and they are starting to get loose too (wonder if there are smaller sizes hiding somewhere), and punched extra holes in my belt - Win Win.

The weight on my lifts has increased a bit - another win, still trying to adjust to new ways of moving with my orthopedics, body alignment, and muscle activation/engagement, it will take a bit of time, but I’m on the correct path
— Darren Crookshanks
Darren Before and After