Chill the Beans

I just had some time off. Now that statement is partly to rub it in but also to let you see what my mindset is at the moment. I was having a conversation with an old friend of mine a few weeks ago about how everywhere you look at the moment people seem to be miserable, always in a rush, complaining about something, expecting, moaning, worrying. Everyone is always thinking ahead "I HAVE to do this because of this this and this", "This NEEDS to be done for blah blah and blah,” sounds like an awful lot of pressure to me...

Not there yet - Crossfit Varangian Lisburn

I'm not saying don't think about the future or have a plan etc, but what about taking some of the sheer negativity you surround yourself with which is demotivating and stress inducing, and try and think about the now, "Hey you know what, I'm not quite there yet but I'm working towards it! I'm the embodiment of productivity!!!". Would you constantly bark orders at a child and never say things like “Well done”? “That's amazing”? “You're brilliant”? No, you'd have the most depressed alcoholic kid on the street. Why would you do it to yourself then? Appreciate where you are now and give yourself a pat on the back from time to time, you've earned it.

Suppose I need to somehow relate this rant to fitness..... IN THE GYM I see this all the time (boom! you like that?). People come in with goals and expectations work really hard for the first bit, hit a minor speed bump and "WAAAHHHH! LIFE DIDN'T DO WHAT I EXPECTED IT TO!!" Shock horror right? We've all heard it before, "If you don't expect anything then you won't be disappointed" well... Yes to a certain extent but if you weren't expected to do something would you do anything? I know I'd be hard pushed to put trousers on.

Putting a little pressure on to accomplish something never hurt anyone, not achieving that goal or then thinking that it could still be better can be very demoralising. Every time I succeed at something I've set for myself (and shown it off, naturally) I'm always left with that dull niggle, "I should be able to do more of that" or "I should be stronger, that's not good enough" and instantly this new skill that I've worked so hard to get is instantly taken for granted and that's a bit sad.

There is definitely more thrill in the chase, as humans we're naturally greedy and always look for more, trust me when I say that when you lose all that weight or when you can finally can do all the handstands you're THEN gonna look at yourself in the mirror and think you could do with more muscles and why do you have to suck so much at handstand push ups... WE'RE NEVER HAPPY!!

So here's my theory, let's start appreciating stuff more! Be happy that you're working hard and towards something, be proud of your accomplishments and where you are now. If you ask someone a question don't just expect an answer, be appreciative that they are willing to share their knowledge with you, if someone does something for you, be chuffed that they took time out of their own day to be awesome for you for just a minute.

Here's one I noticed after getting a sports massage the other day... I'm very thankful I'm still alive! The dude had REALLY strong hands! He ripped my calves to shreds! It was awesome! He took me into a "relaxation room" afterwards that was like something out of "Dollhouse" and he sat me down and I thought for a split second about sitting down and that I had nowhere I needed to be and was in no rush to do anything, I felt a massive weight lifting off my shoulders and I could of melted through the chair I was so chilled. I’m not saying that I can replicate that exact same feeling, but when I get home tonight I am going to sit down and have a nice wee think about all the nice things in my life and all the things I'm thankful for.

I for one am pretty damn happy that oxygens still floating about these days... So! Chill the beans. Don't forget about your "down time" but also make it quality time, and don't forget to appreciate it.