Stand up straight or I'll kick you in the face

As I walk around the town in horror watching people gradually getting closer to the ground, constantly favouring one leg, swinging their feet around allowing them to land whatever way they want and basically being lead by leaning forward and using the weight of their shoulders to instead, walk "fall with style", creating an awesome swagger... How are you not walking in circles!? How do you not fall over more!?!? I can't even appreciate a nice ass anymore because everyone's hips are out of alignment! Am I exaggerating? A bajillion times no.


My concern is that there are so many people out there that have resigned themselves to a life of pain. You're bound to have some people in your family that they're talked about like "Oh that's old Jimmy, you know the one with the bad back" or "Don't be jumping on Granda he has a bad hip" and they talk is if it is acceptable! My question is "Why? What have they tried to do about it?" Oh he went to the doctor and got painkillers” ............. Ok.... 10....9.....8.....7......6… pain killers MASK problems! If I put a mask on an ugly dude he's STILL an ugly dude, just an ugly dude wearing a mask. What annoys me is that these people have decided that this is the way life is now, they won't do anything fun or physical and spend all their time trying to get comfortable and it's never going to happen, hell have you pre-ordered your coffin too!?

Obviously lifting big weights and being stupidly sexy is very important to me as a self confessed narcissist but I can't do any of that if I'm injured or crippled with pain. Sporting injuries and training injuries aside, one of the biggest causes of all injuries is bad posture and a lack of "body awareness" if you stand up right now, close your eyes and scan your body get a feel for where your weight is, are you leaning to one side or leaning forward? Are your hips stacked evenly? Is one shoulder sitting more forward or lower than the other? Is you head straight or sitting too far in front? Now go to a mirror and check, do you look symmetrical? People are walking around everywhere all wonky then they walk into a gym or try a sport then try a deadlift or a squat or play their first few matches and get injured... What gets the bad name? The exercise/sport? Or the 20+ years of walking around like a cave troll dragging your knuckles?

Your body likes to be lazy if one side of your body's muscles starts to slack off the other side will over compensate, you'll be walking around completely oblivious to this for a long time and it will get increasingly worse until you maybe start to notice your left butt cheek feels really tight or your right shoulders really stiff etc, then you'll go on and on, train away and do things normally till all of a sudden you're lifting the shopping out of your car and your SPINE EXPLODES! (Technically speaking). My point with that mini rant is that long before the incident actually happens the causes are already there, like calling your mother in-law an old hag at the Christmas party, you didn't mean to do it but all the causes kept mounting up, two wines, 3 gin and white lemonades, the fancy brandy and a tequila, brain/mouth disconnected! Boom!

I'm not saying there are no accidents if your posture is ok, there's always the usual under eating, not enough sleep, programming too heavy for your current level or just life being life etc. there will always be mishaps but you can keep yourself in check by learning how your body works and what being at 100% feels like! There is no better than knowing your ass is firing on all cylinders, at the end of the day, that's where all your power comes from. Learning how to warm up properly, stretch and strengthen your body structurally should be a priority of yours and it is up to you to find out how to do it from the people that teach it, the only person that knows how you feel best is you but you do need some guidance on knowing what "best" is.

A Chiropractor that tests for muscle imbalances is the best place to start, always get them to explain what your problem areas are and ALWAYS do the exercises you are given plus keep them as a part of your training even after you have been corrected and readjusted to keep it that way!

Don't ever walk around in pain and just "get used to it", sure it may not be as sore now but 30 more years down the line? Fancy a hip replacement? New knee? Please please please, for me, look after your body, it's the only one you have.

Lift heavy, get sexy and stretchy stretch.