Can't Lift? Won't Lift?

Hashtag! Work on your weakness! We see it everywhere, we "understand" what it means, work on the crap you're not good at blah blah. How about, "Work on what you haven't practiced a lot of yet so it's OK to not be the best at it..." Doesn't really have the same ring to it though... You're weak!! WEAK!!!!!


I'll go out on a limb here and decide that you haven't gone for a six week transformation plan, you've decided to actually dedicate yourself to including fitness as part of your life consistently. When it comes to CrossFit you're kinda in for a shock, especially as a newbie because there is going to be stuff that YOU CAN'T DO, that's where your mindset has to kick in!

The phrase "I'll never be able to do that" needs to be replaced with "How can I start to work towards that from where I am now?". Remember you're not just at a gym, you're at a place that has coaches who are always one question away from helping you to find your level of scaling so you can start to work towards your future goals. Let's face it no one gets a muscle up on their first day, even people that are already super strong that can do pull ups and dips all day long still struggle. If you're overweight and can't do pull ups yet, do you completely neglect all pull up progressions until you lose the weight or do you start building a foundation now? I'll take my foundation please!

Where do you throw in your new skill training? Pretty much anywhere and everywhere, if you're doing a back squat session of 5x5 in between your sets during your rest period why not throw in a couple of handstand push ups or a progression or vice versa, if it's a heavy jerk day when you're getting your breath back do a couple of assisted pistol squats. There's also the option of drop sets, say doing strict presses then immediately dropping down to do pike push ups. Also add a day in your schedule that specifically focuses on what you haven't got the hang of yet (if you're prone to hissy fits like myself then couple it up with something you do really like).

If you just do what you're good at all the time you'll find yourself plateau really quickly and you'll run the risk of developing imbalances, especially with those of us that are struggling with flexibility, it is an absolute MUST that you program mobility work, stretching and stability exercises!e

I cannot stress this enough, take an interest in what you're doing, check out videos and pick a few CrossFit athletes to follow on Facebook! It makes all the difference watching the moves and also keeps you motivated because I'll tell you now they weren't able to do that forever! Everyone struggled at one point. As coaches we are never short for ideas when writing programming, there's so much we want to cover every week and aim to hit everything over each month, but if you're training sporadically you're going to miss out! Getting to the box as often as possible is key to your progress.

Focus on where you want to be in the future and start working towards it now, challenging yourself consistently will increase your work ethic and there is nothing better than finally getting a result! There's a saying that you should be embarrassed by your year ago self otherwise you're not trying to progress, no idea who said it though so let me know if you do!

I think it's a pretty cool idea and way to motivate yourself! I'm lifting weights now for reps that it terrified me to even think about doing one rep of this time last year, and I love to imagine what I'll be doing this time next year and that always gives me motivation to train hard! There are still techniques and skills I'm trying to get the hang of but ultimately I know the progressions I'm using now are leading me the right path. By getting better at them you still realise you're getting stronger in a transferable way that will even carry over to things you can already do making your strengths even stronger!

If you only dedicate yourself for a short period and don't see it out then you shouldn't even bother. Start doing things you can't do and you'll soon realise that nothing is a waste of time if you give it enough time!