Mindset is Everything

Picture this, 12 months from now, sitting exactly where you are now, looking exactly the same as you do now, hanging out with exactly the same people, doing exactly the same things that you do now... I'll tell you what that picture is called, a waste of a year.


I listen to people... A lot, and 90% of the time all I hear is a sheer lack of self commitment, excuses and disbelief. I got out of bed this morning, did I want to? No, did I feel like it? No, did I have to? No, I didn't start work for another four hours, why did I get up? Because my alarm went off. It's that simple, I made a conscious decision to get up and go and do what I want to do, give myself some "me" time before going and sitting in work for the rest of the damn day. There is no way I'm letting a half asleep grumpy Tom keep me from doing something. Yeah you get days that you don't feel motivated, there's times you just can't be assed, you've no energy, didn't sleep, didn't eat enough, you feel weak, but what are you going to do about it? Reach for the snooze button? Or are you going trail your own lazy ass out of bed to do what you told yourself you were going to do, because you know you owe it to yourself, because you know that you deserve more and you know that you can do better.

I say it time and time again, your body is dumb. It doesn't have a plan or schedule it just does what you tell it to. Mindset is everything if you sit down lots your body will get better at sitting down, if you move more and put your body through movement complexity and stress it will adapt and become stronger, faster, it will give you more energy to do more because it is being worked and will reward you.

You can't sit around all day and wait for someone to hand you a cheap gym membership, give you a full proof six week program that'll get you shredded with a toned bum and tum - you have to make the time for yourself. When you make the time for yourself you'll find that you have more time for yourself because you have given yourself that gift, that thought pattern of "Hey, I am worth the effort".

You can't get motivated? Fine, spend your life doing everything for other people and nothing for yourself. Motivation in itself I find is an excuse, why do you need motivated to do something? Do you not want to do it? Or is it because it's hard... Why is it so easy to dedicate yourself to going to a job forty hours a week to make money so you can have nice things but the very thought of training one hour five days a week to enhance your physical well being is preposterous? (I know parents and single parents that would put young, free and single twenty year olds to shame. No, just because you have kids doesn't mean your life stops).

When you inevitably start to make progress and start having your goals in sight there will be people that don't understand it that will mock you and try to bring you down for being different - ignore them all! It is easier to bring someone down than to acknowledge their hard work and pat them on the back. Always be stubborn, don't let anyone, especially yourself get in the way of your goals! When your tired, get up, when you're sore, get moving, when you're feeling weak, go to the gym. Yes there is always someone stronger than you but on the other side of that coin there is people that are not and the only way to stay ahead of the game is to bend every barbell in your path and destroy every damn combination of reps, every run, every row, every lift, every pull up, every handstand, every program! KILL THEM ALL! Become the person you want to be by being the person you aspire to be now!

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