Post-Surgery Revelations

Hey everyone!!!

So I wanted to share something with you. As some of you might know I've strongly decided that this whole lay-off from training due to my Hernia operation will be a learning thing for me, and no matter what I will be a better athlete and coach because of it. So I wanted to share one of my "revelations" I had in my head from saturday morning... once the morphine and codein had wore off:

"Holly shit I miss training! And I honestly say miss it like you would miss your partner or family or a macro friendly pizza!!!! I had quite the intensive week of training in anticipation of the longish break period, but after analyzing the structure of my day and the structure of my training I realised I could have done SO much more every day.

This is not one of those posts where I cry over spilt milk, trust me! This is more a realisation of how much time we all waste on a daily basis telling ourselves that we dont have time. I mean seriously, if we think about it money comes and goes 99% of the time you will be able to earn more... but unfortunately you won't be able to buy more time! Unless you properly invest in your training and nutrition.

Not being able to train showed me again how much it matters in my life, and how great even the shittiest burpee/wallball layden WOD makes me feel! How awesome you are through out the day after smashing that morning WOD. Think of physical and mental benefits of going through the grind day in day out and actually teaching yourself to love every second of it. Think of how many people you would inspire! How many people would see you as a role model. It may sounds over the top, but that's the difference you can make to your own life and the ones surrounding you!!!

This should have been a no brainer for me, because of my training many years ago "lol" and military background, yet somewhere the laziness started setting in and slipping into my life without me even noticing. The one thing I can say is that I am very grateful for this sudden realisation. As it allows me to plan the next few weeks and months with a big sadistic like smile on my face.. in regards to both me and you pumpkin!"

Now GO! Smash that workout, cook those meals, eat the macros! Seize the day! Everyday.