Staying on track over the winter months!


So it’s the beginning of November… Have a lot of things really changed? Or are you looking for an excuse?

We are at the beginning of November, I’m sure you noticed. I and the other coaches have noticed too, the time change has kicked in, mornings are completely dark, so are the afternoons after 4.30pm. This time of year is actually quite nice and relaxing.

Unfortunately as soon as we get Halloween over and done with the Christmas consumption craze kicks in. Usually I and the other coaches notice one thing happen EVERY year right about this time. Loads of people who made amazing progress in the gym and busted their balls creating new healthy habits, give up… Because Christmas! Literally that is the excuse we hear every year.

Unfortunately this has become somewhat of a trend amongst people. The nearly 2 month period of starting every day with sugar and fat laden pumpkin spice or gingerbread latte, eating foods which are basically cakes and sweet snacks all day and then not training until sometime in January.

pig out.jpg

As I might have mentioned before, our bodies have an amazing capability of adapting to stimulus and the thing is they do it very fast!! Guess what the adaptation to doing nothing apart from eating junk and sitting on your ass for 2 months with no training will look like??? Even better just imagine what it will make you feel like!

Right now you’re probably thinking geez Tomek you’re “fun” but wait it’s not all doom and gloom.

We have options here and it doesn’t have to be the way it probably was for a number of years now. Funny enough seasons of the year do not dictate what you should or shouldn’t eat or whether or not you should train. The beauty of this whole thing is that it’s YOU who are in charge! Yes the social media, TV and radio will all try and tell you to relax, eat, drink, and buy stuff, then eat then buy stuff and then buy some more stuff. It’s how a billion £$£$£$ industry keeps spinning, simple as!


But you my fitness compadre are ready for a change! So there a couple of ways you could do this. Set yourself realistic fitness goals to reach by Christmas. Be very specific with your goals whether its body composition, improved performance on a specific WOD or strength gains. Make sure your coach is on board with the changes or new goals.

  1. If you are going for strength gains and improved metcon times (performance), Nutrition will play a role in that but it would be the perfect time to reverse diet out of a calorie deficit and make some room for tasty seasonal treats. Yes you heard me right, at maintenance level calorie intake your macros should allow you to have quite a few treats every day while still getting plenty of good food down the hatch. When planned correctly and accompanied by all out lifting sessions I think you’d be surprised how fast you would see results and your body putting on sexy, lean muscle!
  2. If body composition is your goal, don’t despair you can still have a few smartly programmed seasonal treats as long as they fit your macro nutrients, you don’t overly rely on sweets and processed food as main food intake, you are eating enough fibre and veggies and training like a bad ass 4 times a week.
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You my friend will make the best Christmas present to yourself. And trust me in this. No piece of jewellery, another amazing electronic gizmo gadget, summer holiday tickets etc. will make you feel as awesome as waking up on Christmas morning, getting out of bed and looking in the mirror thinking “damn I look good”. It’s that feeling of accomplishment and self-worth, once you experience it you never want to go back and is worth more than any gadget on the planet. If you’re still thinking that meh I don’t want to commit and try to get results in the “festive” season because it takes time, remember this.

Time will pass at exactly the same rate no matter whether you make plans and take actions or not… Let that sink in and remember, you don’t have to go cold turkey, you can still enjoy all the festive food as long as they are planned and accounted for. Same goes for nights out or work dos and stuff. A night out even once a week is still not a reason to quit on your health and fitness. Make a difference this season and plan for the best Christmas you ever had, your body will thank you for it!