Why choose Varangian?

Why choose Varangian? Well first off, you're not completely sure how to pronounce it! That's pretty cool! How many people have an exotic gym name...

Mainly though, it's the grind. Everything that Varangian is, is purely down to determination and effort. When we started off Varangian was just Tomek Marynowski PT, running a few conditioning classes for fighters. He had legendary nutrition knowledge, an awesome reputation as a personal trainer and lots of accomplishments to date; opening one of the greatest gyms in the world would be easy for him right? Not exactly.


With very little money for funding, getting equipment was a major struggle. Any athlete that came to see what Varangian was like left with the comment "The coaching is amazing, but, you just don't really have the stuff..."

Even with the aid of the sexiest man in the universe 'Tom Morrison' our sparse facilities and four bay rig left a lot to be desired. Nevertheless our peristence and hardwork meant we were able to grow every month, get creative with our workouts and adapt to suit as much as possible. I still remember being so excited because we finally had enough money to afford ONE rower! And that was several months after trying to get a loan to buy one.

Every year the Open came around it was pointed out to us time and time again that we still didn't have the full facilities to be a "CrossFit" gym: one rower for 50 people, a low ceiling and no high rings... it's easy to talk about now but at the time it was so hard to not feel disheartened and sometimes, completely embarrassed.

What is my point with this story? Well hopefully you all now recognise me as the sexiest man alive (#tommorrison) but also, fitness is a struggle. Being motivated all the time is a struggle. There is always set backs. You are always going to feel like people are laughing at you. But if you persevere, keep going, ignore everyone else and stick to your guns you WILL become everything you want to be.

Some of the greatest elements of our box has came from us improvising. Our Primal Movement class and Mobility sessions have became some of our most loved classes. Due to not being able to carry out some of the CrossFit methods for many years has made our programming a lot better, and we're actually noticing CrossFit changing and doing stuff we have already been doing for years!

We could have thrown in the towel many times, but to see where we finally are now?! No way. If you want to do something, just put yourself out there! There will be hard times but ultimately, you will win.