Proper Training Creates Sexy Bodies

Firstly, no one cares how good you look naked if you can't perform in the bedroom.

Secondly, ........................................................................................................

Jenni said that I have to use more full stops, so that should keep this blog pretty solid!

On with the topic at hand though, what do you think is going to happen when you reach your dream weight? Your target body? With your new flat stomach and chiseled cheekbones, anything in Victoria's Secret is no longer a secret to your sexy body... I'll tell you what happens, you still won't be happy and three months later you'll be back on track to having your normal chub chub.

When we sign someone up at Varangian it is for a change of overall lifestyle, not six week abs. Six week abs works, if done right, but it will be the most miserable six weeks of your life. And, because the change happens so fast, it is not sustainable.


It is shocking to me that even with all the really good information out there, there is still people that are just happy enough with hitting a Spin class a few times a week. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Spin, and some people that do it are in phenomenal shape with a good diet, but what's the long term? What can you tell people? What have you found out about yourself? And do you feel strong?

Your long term is:

  • You keep up with the classes and maintain your nice weight.
  • You can tell people you go to a spin class.
  • You have found out you can go like f**k on an exercise bike
  • Your legs probably feel quite strong but push ups are left to be desired...

Is that sustainable? Yes, maybe. But personally I think it takes a certain type of person to be happy with that and that alone. Most people though? They get bored, generally around... February.

What we love about the way we train is that FEELING strong, ACCOMPLISHING small goals and CHALLENGING yourself daily keeps you motivated for longer. What's the long term? Well, there really is no end game. You will constantly be learning new things. The stronger and more flexible you become the more choice you will have with skills you want to learn.

What can you tell people? You can tell them you lift heavy ass weights, practice Olympic lifting, do gymnastics exercises, and strive to have complete body dominance so that you are an unstoppable force that needs NO MAN!

What can you find out about yourself? You'll find out you have weak days, strong days, days that you perform well, days that you want to challenge people, days that you just want to be left alone to lift. You'll find out that you actually enjoy the feeling you get from overcoming a struggle from a something that many people would just see as a "workout". But we know it's more.

Will you feel strong? Yes.

Why is feeling strong so important? Well Timothy, it's as simple as this, going through life being a weak little bitch won't get you anywhere. Strength gives you confidence, not only in your abilities but in your mind. It's a lot easier to have an argument with someone when you feel like you could fling them over a rainbow at any point.

Back to performance in the bedroom, you want the exercises that you do to carry over to other things that you enjoy, even be it the simple pleasures of the flesh. Think about it.. you'll need:

  1. Strong, powerful hips (kettlebell swings, deadlifts, squats)
  2. Arms that can hold you up (push ups, handstands, overhead carries)
  3. Stable core (planks, farmer carries, trunk rotations)
  4. Good grip to hold your partner down (rope climbs and pull ups)
  5. Increased flexibility and ability to hold yourself upside down for extended periods of time (yoga, mobility work and rings)
  6. Endurance, no one likes a Sweaty Betty three minutes in....

As funny as it may be to read, you cannot help yourself thinking that I am right. Being focused on making yourself stronger and more flexible keeps things more interesting and increases your longevity.

The best part is, if you do all of those things regularly, you will have a sexy body, you just will. Your body has to adapt to be good at those things and the way it adapts is by giving you lovely muscles. Taking your time and learning things properly is the most beneficial way to train, and although it may seem like it takes longer to lose the weight, when you finally arrive at a place that you are happy with, you will be able to eat a donut and "get away" with it.

Life is about having fun and there is so much to experience, give yourself the physical tools to do more stuff.

- Tom