What is the CrossFit open and can I do it?

The CrossFit open is a test that happens every year to challenge the best athletes around the world through five gruelling workouts over five weeks to hopefully take the top spots to qualify to get to the regionals, to then be the small 1% of CrossFitters around the world that actually make it to the Crossfit Games in America! WOW!!

So, where do you fit in?

The original premise of CrossFit was to be scaleable to any level: ANYONE should be able to do any of the workouts available just by using scaling methods. Scaling regresses the exercises so that the adaptation is the same but just more relevant to the athlete and their current ability level. Are you going to the games? No, probably not, should that dishearten you? No, definitely not. The great thing about CrossFit is that in a controlled environment you can be subjected to that competitive edge and train with others doing the same thing as you with the same struggles, everyone has bonded over burpees: they always suck no matter how fit you are.

I have two missions this year, I want to get the world more flexible and get people to stop giving a crap. A lot of times when you ask someone if they're doing the open you see their face fill with fear and a statement like: "Oooh no, I'm not good enough" or "Awk, I've no interest in all that". NO. Lies. You should do anything that you want to do, if you're going to shy away from a fun fitness competition then you're going to find it carry over into your daily life! The open is the best chance for you to put yourself out there, have fun, learn more about yourself, increase your confidence and bond with many other people old and young, fat and thin, take part in a worldwide event and just HAVE FUN.

Always encourage others to try things, if you get bored halfway through or miss a workout, it doesn't matter! The key is just to have a stab at it and see what you can do! If you took part in last years open then this is your chance to hit back at all those things that robbed you of seconds last year (chest to bars for me). All of the movements will have scaling options and it's also a great way to find out how you move, as you're allocated a judge you can't get away with anything... yes sometimes you do bad reps sorry to inform you of that.

If you do enrol for the open I would also suggest doing the judges course, it's not very fair to expect other people to judge for you and not return the favour, plus it really does help you to understand the movements and also by watching how others move. You will notice things about yourself and how you move, and you get a clipboard! That's pretty cool! This is especially helpful for your Coaches. If your Coach is available to coach rather than judge it makes the whole session go smoother and gets through a lot of people in one go!

So there you have it, yes you can do it, no you won't get laughed at, sign up right now, do the judges course, have fun, laugh, and curse the day CrossFit was born for making you do rowing and burpees at the same time!