Geek out on Fitness and become a hero of your own adventures!


Geek out on Fitness and become a hero of your own adventures! I used to hear this phrase a lot “I’m just not into fitness” from a very wide and varied group of people. I’m not going to lie most of the people saying it at the time would have benefitted greatly from just some minor changes to the way they were eating and exercising 3-4 times a week. We all know how important it is to your health and well-being.

Unfortunately the people that said it couldn’t see past the fact that it’s just not something that interests them and therefore refused to invest any time or effort into it. I get it! I used to be one of them! My endless love for marzipan and doughnuts was always first! Training hard you say?? No thank you says Tomek!

It wasn’t till one night while wearing my ab belt and scoffing down Mr. Kipling’s Almond fingers when I decided to watch some anime. I used to be really into and read some old comic books which I also was a huge fan of. I instantly remembered how I wanted to grow up and be just like Wolverine, all jacked and covered in shiny spandex. Or even better be able to turn super Saiyan just like Vegeta and be a shimmering, jacked to the gills, floating in mid-air bad ass! All those thoughts brought back awesome memories but, unfortunately my physique or the fact I couldn’t run a mile and lift anything apart from a bag of doughnuts did not resemble them at all!


Shocker right? At that point fitness was not my thing at all. To be honest it never was up until I got tired of being overweight, sad and insecure about how weak I had gotten. I started training, learning about training and eating right. It was all going well but I still didn’t really like the process and if you would offer me a wonder pill which would give me all the results without any of the work I’d take it in a heartbeat! The deeper I got with my training and nutrition the more I was starting to understand what this is all about.

I was shocked to discover that it was all about the training, especially the sessions that challenge you the most mentally and physically. It’s then that I made the connection between this pattern and my comic book and Anime heroes. All of a sudden I realised I was always into fitness and already knew how to get to where I want to be! I just needed to translate it into something that connected with me on a personal level! Just like the characters in DBZ I needed to train hard to be able to “level up” my skills and beat the next boss who was coming for me! You can translate that into beating my PR on the deadlift, beating my time on a 5k run and learning how to do a strict ring muscle up. See what I’ve done there??!!


I distinctively remember the moment when a huge grin appeared on my face realising that I too was just like Vegeta and others, will go through endless adventures, beat boss after boss and keep developing amazing skills and strength! The only difference is I will do it in the gym, kitchen, cage or ring. Translating that journey into something I had a personal connection with was by far the best move I’ve ever taken when it comes to motivation, training mind-set and

health. I knew I made fitness my thing for ever through loving the process and enjoying every second of it! If you are still one of those people who struggle with motivation and mind-set I urge you to look for your heroes who you already have a connection with, be it from TV, comic books or computer games. Embrace the geek and become your own Hero standing right next to, shoulder to shoulder, with the icons of your childhood and youth by making fitness YOUR thing! You will never regret looking back.