Nutrition, Food and Recovery are the most important things when it comes to your fitness journey whether you are a competing athlete or someone wanting to lose body fat.

If you are one of those athletes that are working hard, lift heavy and tackle WODs consistently but don't seam to progress or are just not recovering after, the first thing to look at is your Nutrition! All progress is dependant on it.

At Crossfit Varangian we have a range of different services that we offer to both Members and Non-Members, led by Qualified Nutrition Technician Tomek Marynowski. He has the expertise of working with: professional and amateur MMA athletes Open see swimmer Runners Triathletes. He also helped to advise people on how to manage conditions like: Type 2 diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease, Arthritis and more.

Nutrition Seminars

Nurition and Training Seminars perodically at Crossfit Varangian in Lisburn. Topics covered include: Fat Loss, Breaking down your Macros, Attitude to Training, Recovery day vs Training day Nurtition, Eating for Mass Gain, Auto Immune System, Hormones and their Affects and much more.

- FREE for all Crossfit Varangian Members
- £40 per 2hr Seminar

Dates and topics are announced on our Blog.

One on ONe

If you are interested in taking your nutrition to the next level, or if you struggle with figuring out your own nutritional approach, we offer specific Nutrition Consultations with Coach Tomek.

One on One Nurtrition Coaching with Tomek

Whether it is for performance, mass gain or fat loss you can work with Tomek on a 1 on 1 basis where he will help you design YOUR nutritional approach.

You will recieve:
- First consultation where we explain macro nutrients and how to design your own meals
- A tailored nutrition plan composed of a macro nutrient split for your body and lifestyle
- Example meals
- Body fat measurement
- Weekly check ins to ensure progress
- Access via phone, text, email
- Supplement guide and personalised plan
- Food tracking via App and Web

Personal Programs:
- £220 for 6 weeks
- £250 for 8 weeks
- £280 for 10 weeks
- £95 for a single 1-on-1 Consultation
(1hr 15 on a day that suits you)

For any extra support, including cooking demos, helping with shopping or clearing out your kitchen for a total restart,  contact us directly!

Before I started Crossfit I was referred to a dietitian, who gave me some leaflets and told me to follow a low fat, low carb diet. I found I was generally very hungry and I was very tired all the time. I asked Tomek could he do a nutrition programme for me, I kept food diary, had private consultation and I really had my eyes opened. Eating clean, good fats, high protein, keeping your body properly nourished through real food and actually eating enough made a massive difference in my weight loss, my training performance and my daily life
— Geolin Walsh, Varangian Member since Sept 2014
Tomek has extensive knowledge combined with a passion for nutrition like no other I’ve ever met, I’m still shocked that to this day I’m still learning new things from him and even more impressed that he still seeks mentoring and knowledge from the best in the field! Learning from him one on one is the best thing I ever did for my fitness goals but even more importantly my health, I had so many intolerances and issues and thought I just had to deal with it until he taught me how to take control of my immune system.
— Tom Morrison, Varangian Member since Jan 2013
Having weak joints due to Hypermobility prevented me from doing even the most basic of movements. I train to build muscle around joints, but it was only when I spoke to Tomek did I find out that my Diet would affect them as well. Immediately he knew the best types of foods for me to aim for, as well as simple and balanced advice about additional supplements. Thanks to Tomek, I feel stronger and found I can finally train at the level that I’ve always wanted.
— Jenni Sanders, Varangian Memeber since Oct 2014