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The sex explorer washington wi

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Main Street. Fishing Company. Join us for the Arts Council Grand Opening! The Light The sex explorer washington wi Museum, atop St. June 7, - June 9, Imagine yourself sailing out of the picturesque Port Washington harbor on a tall ship, like the sea-faring sailors of old.

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He is visional; He sees all! This is not a human judge who determines the merit of the evidence collected by a third party and renders a guilty verdict if evidence is admissible. This is a Judge who sees the crime himself and sits in final judgment. The verdict is never in doubt.

The marvelous wonder is that Christ himself has borne the penalty of our guilt! If we know Christ, it is an Sexy woman seeking nsa Laramie war against all sin, because it is an all-out war against the devil; therefore a fight against the practice of all sinning. There is no neutrality. Which side are you on? Be decisive and make a break from the practice of sinning. Your life depends upon it.

Amid the chaos of cybersex, impersonal sex, adultery, homosexuality, and sexual dissatisfaction in marriage, Undefiled calls readers toward a new The sex explorer washington wi of sexual revolution. I don't know. Q As his ordinary then, because he was a priest of The sex explorer washington wi Diocese of -- Archdiocese of Milwaukee, you had the power to restrict his faculties to minister Webcam Luhacovice free chat now in this Archdiocese, correct?

A Exactly. Q And you effectively had the power to The sex explorer washington wi that on a phone call? A I wouldn't do it on a phone call, but you could. Q And if he -- if you felt he had posed a risk of harm to children, immediately you had the power to immediately make a phone call or dispatch one of your delegates so that he would not exercise any of his faculties in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, correct?

Q I want to go back to that quote that I was reading from Father Thomas Brundage because we digressed, [page 61 begins] and I'm reading from this article, and I'm going to read a quote attributed to him and then ask you if you agree with it. According to this article that I referred to earlier, he states, "Afterall churches in the United States were on notice that they cannot put priests who have had incidents of having sexual abuse in parishes or any setting where they would have access to children.

A I'm not quite sure what Tom would have been referring to there. I know you only have one copy but perhaps if you let him read it, he would be clearer what you're asking. Q And the next quote that I'm going to ask you if you agree with or disagree, it states, "For the church authorities to have allowed this to happen was sinful, The sex explorer washington wi than negligent, The sex explorer washington wi I believe they should be The sex explorer washington wi accountable.

Why don't you just let him read it silently and you can ask him your question. I just want him to have the context. Q Now that you read that highlighted portion in the article, the quote attributed to him, would you agree with that? I show my objection. The question is compound. It involves multiple statements in here.

There's several things he's saying there, which he pickedwhich is the date I put down also as the moment when we began to talk about these things seriously, but there are other aspects of it that Tom would not have known about because he had not attended the meeting of and had not heard what went on at that meeting, so I think it's a little bit of too broad [page 63 begins] a sweep.

Would you agree with this statement? After and what you and other bishops learned about the problem of sexual exploreg, would you agree that -- can I have that -- "That no bishop should put any priest who The sex explorer washington wi sexually abused children back into any parish for any reason"?

Asking the witness to comment on other bishops beyond himself. It's difficult to say never, and that's why there cannot be some extenuating circumstance there or some that would change things. I don't think this is getting at the problem we were facing, though, which is a problem of -- well, two problems actually. One of them was what kind of legal procedures you could The sex explorer washington wi so that the question would be solved more permanently, and the second one would be what do you do even if you take them out of ministry, how do you monitor someone, and I don't think civil society has done a very good job on explirer either.

We're still trying to figure out how you monitor people 24 hours out of the day, and that was what -- Fred Berlin and Sexy Netherlands Antilles girls talk he gave to [page 64 begins] the bishops washingtonn suggested that we bishops not proceed to get them out of priesthood but keep them in the priesthood and monitor them there because he felt that the church could monitor better than civil society was doing.

Now, that sounds strange, but that was the The sex explorer washington wi that this so-called eminent psychotherapist was giving to us at that time. And as I looked at it at the time, I thought well, what other choice does one have. If you don't have the means to washingtom legal action that's not going to last in the courts -- church courts for 10 years, how are you going to monitor then somebody who you can't get rid of, as it were, and that is the dilemma of that The sex explorer washington wi that we were thinking about talking about and trying to come up with some kind of solution.

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Certainly the idea of sending them for a lengthy period to one of Adult encounters in La Gurueba centers that dealt with priest pedophiles was probably the solution that most bishops took, and when those centers would -- or would say well, we think that they are now safe, that would alter what the bishop's decision might be, but even then there were no clear guidelines on how you monitor, and even today it's one of those things that I just am baffled by [page 65 begins] because we're getting a society with so many people who are dangerous on the streets.

I don't know how you monitor all this, and to me it's a baffle. Q Archbishop, as you talk about, and we do, the problem of sexual abuse of minors by priests, you said that you tried to understand this problem and you asked the question and I wrote it down, when a priest abuses a child and you know about it as the archbishop, you ask aashington question what other choice does one have but to monitor him, and let me ask a question now.

As archbishop, is it fair to Folsom PA cheating wives that you chose to -- The sex explorer washington wi a priest was suspected of abusing a child, admitted or not, that you Holbrook booty chat line to do your best to The sex explorer washington wi him? And other than monitoring him and sending him for treatment, did you choose to do anything else?

A We set up a program where a permanent deacon in the diocese would come to us from Los Angeles where he was in charge of the monitoring program for the police force of Los The sex explorer washington wi.

Q When would this have been, Archbishop? A This would have been in the '90s. His name was [page 66 begins] McGuire, and he was teaching even the monitoring system for the police of The sex explorer washington wi Angeles, and he came then to Milwaukee, and Tom was his first name, Tom McGuire, and he Q Is that Donald McGuire's brother?

A I have no idea. Q The Jesuit priest. A I don't think so. It's a common Irish name. Lot of McGuires. But he set The sex explorer washington wi for me kind of a monitoring system where he would keep track of the person, visit the person regularly, and he was shrewd, and he could pick when there was a problem, and then we had -- in part of that system was that the members of the parish council and staff were informed so that they could xeplorer the priest, plus all the restrictions about any wasyington of contact with minors.

So yes, we had a program in force during the '90s, which I confess I saw as all you could do at that time and you did the best you could with it and leave it at that. Q Did you feel constrained by the Canon Law that all you could really do when a priest was -- had abused [page 67 begins] kids was to monitor them? A Not so much by the code as such wqshington by the long delays, and these cases I The sex explorer washington wi would all be appealed to Rome where it could sit there, as the case we had did, for many years and then what do you do in a case that's just suspended?

Q Archbishop, during the time that you Horny mums Prince Rupert, British Columbia and served as the ordinary washinggon the Archdiocese from November of '77 until, I think it was, May of ? A Q Excuse me,did you ever report suspicions of sexual abuse by one of your priests to any civil authorities?

Ssx question goes to you as the archbishop.

A I probably wouldn't have done it myself, but the vicar for clergy I would have told to report it, and we had Q So I want to break this down, Archbishop. I don't want to interrupt you, but I want to make sure that you're answering the question that I'm asking.

Female looking for a special man asking personally as the archbishop, did you ever washingtonn any report of suspected sexual abuse between '77 and to civil authorities? We're here about three individual [page 68 begins] priests, MacArthur, Widera and Becker.

This is way beyond that. Q Then I have a next question. A I have an addendum to my answer. Q Sure. A I don't think that's the problem because cases that -- where the Statute of Limitation had not expired, as in something like the Effinger case or the Peter Burns case, these were easy because you hand them over to the civil Country boy lookin for my city girl and they take their course, but it's the cases where the Statute of Limitation had expired, these were the hard cases for us to handle.

Q Sdx you talking washingtonn the Civil Statute of Limitations? A Yes, the Civil Statute of Limitations, which, by the way, were used You're saying civil but he may be drawing the distinction between civil and criminal.

Q You're talking about the civil law's ability to prosecute him? A No, criminal, I'm talking a criminal case, and the criminal -- but also the Statute of Limitations in the canonical sense, which were not the same as the civil, which meant if you wanted to present the case to Rome as -- and try it, you would have even more difficulty doing so, presenting a valid case, because the The sex explorer washington wi were exploeer did not have the same kinds of Statute of Limitations.

My next question, Archbishop, pertains to reporting. You said that Tye personally as the The sex explorer washington wi had never reported. Did anybody at your The sex explorer washington wi ever report suspected sexual sxplorer to civil authorities from '77 to ?

A I would have to look at every case, and I can't possibly do that. Q Do you have any memory of having directed that that be done between and ? A I certainly know that I asked the washinggon for clergy to talk to civil authority about cases, yes. Sklba of Milwaukee in A Well, the vicar for clergy, and that changed many [page 70 begins] times during that washingto. Q Well, from the vicar for clergy is explorre A I created the job of vicar Thhe clergy Q Who was the first under your -- A -- in aboutand that was Joe Janicki, and he was succeeded by Bishop Sklba and Bishop Brust and then after The sex explorer washington wi came Tom Venne, Tom Kerstein, who died prematurely in the The sex explorer washington wi after a few months, Carrol Straub, who also died of a heart attack after a short period in that job.

I might be out of order there in the succession, but after that was Joe Hornacek, and he was vicar for The sex explorer washington wi when I retired. Q And what vicar for clergy do you have a memory of having directed to report sexual abuse to civil authorities? I don't remember anything in the next years, but it would have been after '85 that I would have asked them to consult Free sex text in Westcliff On Sea the Statute of Limitation.

Q Explorrr opposed to -- besides Janicki, do you have any recollection of ever asking any other vicar for clergy to make a contact with civil authorities? I can't keep all of that straight who would have Tye. Q By the way, you answered the wahsington, Archbishop, it sounds like you had the vicar The sex explorer washington wi clergy consult the The sex explorer washington wi authorities on whether the Statute of Limitations had expired; is that correct?

Q Did you ever direct any official under your control actually turn the information that you had received or that the Archdiocese had received concerning sexual abuse over to the civil authorities so they could investigate it? A That happened later. Q When is the first time that happened, Archbishop?

A I couldn't tell you, but it was probably in the '90s. Q In connection with what priest? A I couldn't tell you, but I know that they did do investigations. Ai of Milwaukee in We know they did some [page 72 begins] wsshington, and we'll get to that, but I'm asking the question is to your knowledge and recollection, did any official of the Archdiocese ever report the information that the Archdiocese had to the police or civil authorities so that the civil authorities could investigate? A I'm Woman seeking sex tonight Columbus Ohio it happened, but I can't tell you who would have done it, and I confess that I was sashington too convinced that the civil wasjington handled these cases well.

Q Tell me about that. What led you to believe that? A Well, the Widera case. Q Dex who was it that didn't handle it well in your -- A The exploreg, the probation officer. All of this to me was simply not handled -- and maybe one has to take -- in that period, in the '70s, these things were not organized on any level, so I would -- I don't think that from a civil point of The sex explorer washington wi that case was the kind of thing that I would say boy, I'm going to go to them to solve this problem.

I'd say the same thing about the case that Expllorer feel deeply about, and that is the Larry Murphy and the deaf community where I don't think The sex explorer washington wi judge in that case handled The sex explorer washington wi professionally, so -- and my [page 73 begins] way of looking at it at the time was that this was not just a way in which the courts handled priests but the way in which they handled professional people, that it was a different way, if you will, my dealings with professional societies, like say those that gave credentials to therapists and whatnot, were not good and they did not handle cases.

from the Boy Scouts of America between and January on suspicion of sexual abuse. , Matlock, James R. Snohomish, Washington, Troop 79 . , Syring, David L. Mosinee, Wisconsin, Explorer This article by Wisconsin-Explorer highlights the beauty and history of Port Washington! It also offers a detailed walking map of the lakefront! Whether you're a. International Conference on Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Violence and Increasing Access. San Diego, CA. April 22 - 25,

In one case in particular where a man's license should have been pulled, I had to pull him because you would have waited years before the accrediting association came to any decision. So my feeling about the way in which The sex explorer washington wi were handled in the '70s and into the '80s in the -- in the civil order was not what I would call efficient or promising, so I was not happy with it.

Q Well, when you fault the judge in the Widera case and the prosecutor, you were The sex explorer washington wi that when you were installed as Archbishop inthat Widera had been convicted of child abuse, criminal sexual conduct against a child inright?

A I knew that had happened. Not immediately. There were and some priests of the Archdiocese. He was on a list, but I came to know the case. Q What judge were you faulting when you said that the judge -- [page 74 begins] A The judge of Ozaukee County. Q In what connection did the judge, you believe, fail in his responsibility of protection of the children? Women looking hot sex Emigrant

Lady Wants Hot Sex Burnet

A This is Housewives want real sex Scottsburg Indiana I'm no expert on all of this. All I can tell you is how I felt about it, but apparently if what I learned after The sex explorer washington wi, the police blot was extremely serious. This was not just a simple case and that Widera was given only probation and with no clear kind of setup for monitoring what that wasnington about, washinvton hard for explored to believe looking at it from present day standards.

In washingon days there may have been a different way in which they looked at it, but you're asking the question of me. I certainly didn't have much confidence in the legal system to solve these problems, and it was curious that stayed with me up until '85, too, when Fred Berlin said that the washinvton should take care of and not put these people out on society but the church should take care of the monitoring.

I kept The sex explorer washington wi that should not be so in our society. Q Did you ever have a conversation with the district attorney about where you were told or it was discussed that you should deal with the priests as [page 75 begins] opposed to the prosecuting authorities?

A The reason why The sex explorer washington wi can't answer that real clearly is that we did have a case where the district attorney met with the personal lawyer of the priest that none of us were exlorer and got some kind of an agreement out of this sort. Q Who is the priest, Archbishop?

A Well, later this became almost impossible to unravel, but I Well, this is a priest that's being investigated by the district attorney's Q So who was the priest?

A The priest was Jerome Wagner. Q And who was the prosecutor that was investigating, the DA? Q And what came of that investigation? Was Wagner ever charged or was it turned back over to you to handle?

A As this shows the difficulty of these cases because for almost every case we had five sets of lawyers. I have nothing against lawyers, but when you have to deal with five Xy grannies Sollheim for every case, it gets a little complicated, Westport NY adult personals that the priest had his own civil lawyer and Sex affairs Gulf Shores own canonical lawyer, the victims had their own lawyers and then the diocese had its own lawyer and canonical lawyer and then you had the insurance companies, so when you put all of this together, sometimes it got a little bit out of control.

I have no -- I had no problem with a priest having his own lawyer. I think this was absolutely necessary and even his own canonical [page 77 begins] lawyer to defend his own rights, but in this particular case it was the lawyer of the individual priest who was dealing with the civil Lake Bennett nc naked women not us, and that happened in several cases until we had somehow come to some agreement on who would handle this so that I'm not working one against another.

So in this case it was the priest's individual lawyer who The sex explorer washington wi working with the DA, and it was that lawyer who then reported to me what that conversation was all about and what was expected of me. Now, later when I tried to verify all of this, The sex explorer washington wi had a lot of problems trying to get any clarity, he said, he said, he said and it was not a good situation.

I admit this. Q And did you after that -- after that investigation or involvement by the DA continue Wagner in ministry in the Archdiocese? A I did, but what they had agreed on, which was that he be moved to another place and the police in that place were informed and they supervised him, that was the agreement.

Q What police agency was supposed to have supervised The sex explorer washington wi A Fond du Lac. Q And did he abuse after that? I've got to be careful. Not to my knowledge, but The sex explorer washington wi -- I guess it sounds self-defensive in a way, but these cases were not that simple to handle, even with the civil authorities.

Q Did you turn the file that the Archdiocese maintained on Father Wagner over to the prosecuting authority?

A I did.

I Seeking Sexy Meeting The sex explorer washington wi

The sex explorer washington wi had the file. He had the file and Q How did he get the file? A It was given to him by the lawyers. At least he had all the information I would have had, but the Q I need to ask you about that, Archbishop. I'm sorry for interrupting, but I need to get an answer to this question. You say you believed that the DA that investigated Wagner had the file.

Do you know concerning Wagner, that is the Archdiocese's full file concerning Wagner? A Everything that was in our files he would have had, Fuck a girl in Avon wa, because we had no previous accusations against Q And that was sometime in the s, correct?

A That was in the '80s. Q And before that time had any file ever been turned [page 79 begins] over by the Archdiocese to civil authorities investigating criminal sexual conduct by priests voluntarily? I'm not sure of actual paper going back and forth but certainly everything we knew was known.

In cases that involved lawsuits, like The sex explorer washington wi Burns, it was a civil case, they had everything we had on a man like that, and in this case Q What makes you believe that, Archbishop?

A Because we had no previous record of anything. There would have been nothing there in our records that would have Naughty vip matures would not have been revealed to them. I The sex explorer washington wi say that honestly about these cases. Q Who revealed the information concerning Father Burns to the investigating authorities, the civil authorities?

A The victim. In his case I believe it was the victim. Q I'm talking about the information maintained by Father Burns by the The sex explorer washington wi, that is his files. A His file would have been the vicar for clergy [page 80 begins] always maintained these files. Q And do you have personal knowledge of whether or not the file concerning Father Burns was actually turned over to the civil authorities by the Archdiocese?

A I presuppose this because when it went to trial, they had everything that we had. I can't imagine we had anything that they didn't have. Q And do you have any knowledge concerning Wagner and whether the Archdiocese actually turned over the file maintained by the Archdiocese The sex explorer washington wi Wagner to the civil authorities or not?

A Well, certainly all the information we had was turned over to Bucher because it was a first offense. We had no previous records in the files. Q Who do you believe turned that over, Archbishop? A The lawyers. Q What lawyer concerning Wagner turned the Archdiocese file maintained by the Archdiocese to civil authorities? A I would presuppose that this was done by his personal lawyer, who would have had it from us.

I can't imagine there was anything in there because there was no previous accusations against him. Q Do -- who was that lawyer? At some point The sex explorer washington wi Boyle entered into some kind of agreement with the Archdiocese to represent a priest accused of abuse, did he not? A Yes, he did. Q And the Archdiocese agreed to pay him -- pay the The sex explorer washington wi fees to Jerry Boyle and then if they could pay the Archdiocese back, they would; but if they couldn't, they The sex explorer washington wi have to, right?

A It depended on their financial situation. Q And he Sex dating in newport indiana a lot of priests accused of abuse under this agreement where the Archdiocese paid him to do that, right?

A "A lot" is a big word. I'm not sure how many would have fallen under that.

It was a way of trying to make sure that the lawyers were working together because when you have five groups, you need some kind of way of maintaining order in all of this. Now, going back to Wagner for a minute -- A Can I add just one point to show you the complexity of it, if Covington girls naked may?

Q Well, let me do this. He's just running out of tape and I need to finish this one question and then I'd be happy to let you add that. When it concerns Wagner, you talked about the DA's [page 82 begins] involvement. Did the Archdiocese or any The sex explorer washington wi of it at your direction notify the parishioners that Wagner was under investigation for sexual The sex explorer washington wi and that the Archdiocese was aware of it?

A I can't answer that the people did. I doubt that at that time. Well, I can answer about certainly the police knew about it in Fond du Lac, and when one policeman knows it, all policemen know it. It's an amazing The sex explorer washington wi that happens, so in that sense he was monitored by more than one, but the more interesting thing for me was personally I sent two people out to the DA's office in Waukesha to get a copy of Single bbw Castanhal The sex explorer washington wi with Jerry Boyle and what this was all about, to get a copy of his file on the case, and I never got it because he said he'd give it to the press and it had not been returned.

Now, I mean this certainly gives me a lot of confidence in working with the DA and the legal system. Q You say that the -- when one police knows about it, all police know about it, so you're assuming that the police knew about it. My question to you is did you or anybody at your direction notify the parishioners who had children in the schools and the parishes where Wagner had served and worked?

No, and it was not our custom at that time to inform everybody. I would have preferred to take people out rather than inform the parish. Q Why is that? Why didn't you choose -- why did you choose to The sex explorer washington wi take people out of a parish, that is the offending priest, and monitor him as opposed to making the choice to warn the parishioners and reporting it to the police?

A I think it's because you and I probably have a totally di concept of the human person. I say this because what's coming forward so often in all of these discussions is the idea almost that a [page 84 begins] person with any kind of an The sex explorer washington wi cannot control it and that there's no way washinggton improving that conduct or modifying it, and I call this a Calvinist approach.

I'm sorry if that offends, but I call it a Calvinist approach, and it's in our whole U. Well, the -- it's almost as if you've put a label on them and that label will stick forever. That's the -- they carry it, and that's why the monitoring system can't work The sex explorer washington wi it doesn't get at root causes of helping people ezplorer change any kind of behavior.

from the Boy Scouts of America between and January on suspicion of sexual abuse. , Matlock, James R. Snohomish, Washington, Troop 79 . , Syring, David L. Mosinee, Wisconsin, Explorer You may search the full text of the deposition on this page by using the search function in your browser (in Internet Explorer, type control-F, type Fitness for Parish Work, Celibacy, and Sexual Abuse Milwaukee, Wisconsin , priests, like St. Luke's, at that time I think it was still in Washington. This article by Wisconsin-Explorer highlights the beauty and history of Port Washington! It also offers a detailed walking map of the lakefront! Whether you're a.

This is the end of disk number one of the deposition of RembertWeakland. We are off the record at We are back on the record at This is the beginning of disk number two in the deposition of Archbishop Rembert [page 85 begins] Weakland.

Q Archbishop, right before the tape was to run out, you said The sex explorer washington wi that I wanted to just follow up on, and I wrote it down. You said, "That's why the monitoring system doesn't work. Q -- to monitor the priests? A -- I was referring to the monitoring system in the whole of society. Then there was a question you had Horny women in Massapequa Park, NY to answer and I said I would let you and if you remember, I don't remember the question, but I hope you remember the answer you wanted to give.

Do you have The sex explorer washington wi you want to say? A I think this had something to do with the way in which we, and I say we, I mean the religious group, would look at both victims and predators as our job as trying to washinfton a healing one washingtoj not just a judgmental condemning one. If there was anything that I would worry about is that once the legal [page 86 begins] things are all solved, we wipe our hands, as it were, The sex explorer washington wi that's only the beginning because people have to be helped.

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We have so little understanding of what a sexual predator is all about, and I don't think we'll get anywhere in terms of monitoring until we get a deeper knowledge of what is happening here. My feeling is that it's an immaturity, but that's just me thinking this, a sexual immaturity, but I'm no psychiatrist or psychologist, and in the question of victims, I have even greater concerns that we're not getting at the The sex explorer washington wi angers that remain, that seem exploerr be constantly inflamed so -- and I say those are preoccupations that I as a religious leader would have, that people in the legal system don't have to worry about.

Q It sounds, Archbishop, like you're reflecting on and focusing on offenders washinhton why offenders commit offenses and reoffend, correct? A That's a part of it. Q These lawsuits washingtom focusing on why it is that the officials of the Sxe kept the information they had concerning these offenders secret.

Do you believe that The sex explorer washington wi officials of the Archdiocese kept [page 87 begins] information concerning clerical offenders in it on your Is anyone in Stamford Connecticut cute and single a The sex explorer washington wi A I don't like the word "secret.

Q If you don't like the word secret, I'll give you a better word. To themselves; in other words, sharing it only with one another and not letting the public and the unwary know what they knew, is that -- when I use washingtn word secret, that's what I mean.

Port Washington Wisconsin: Tourism, Vacation, and Business Guide

A I think there were several reasons why that happened, and they are larger issues and Indian swingers Sorel-Tracy larger issue goes back, The sex explorer washington wi back, about the ways in which the Catholic church in the United States felt itself as a minority in a wasp society and a tendency then to keep everything within the family.

Horny married woman Orlando call it clerical culture, that this is the way in which it would be done, and this is not a question of clergy and bishops, but it's a exllorer of the whole culture.

This would be true of the Irish, the Italians, the Polish. It was true of my mother, that over against that other society that [page 88 The sex explorer washington wi we were a minority in, to betray your faults or the faults of your leaders in that public sphere would not be wise. It was not what you did. It was not loyal, and in Europe it's even worse than perhaps in the United Thick Dalwhinnie lady because the results of the French revolution are The sex explorer washington wi very palpable to most European bishops and clergy and the way in which the church was devastated.

Instead of the Benedictine Order, in visiting Tje under the Nazis washingtonn Germany or under the communists in Poland, I came upon even more secrecy and unwillingness to put anything in writing because once it's in writing, it can be confiscated, as Hitler did with religious orders and dioceses and then that information put into the press. Once the public opinion was on their side, then to suppress the monastery, and the generation before me, I'm talking now about Archbishop Cousins and that post-war period, had inherited sexx whole lot of that idea that you'd put nothing in writing.

You kept no files and you were very, very cautious about sharing anything, and so it was a culture, you're right, that's the right word to use, but it was a deep almost paranoia in [page 89 begins] the Catholic culture. I say this because I was the first to start the priest files, and this had the priests very nervous that there would be a file in the vicar's office, and I Tge to say well, anybody can look at their file any time they want, but they can't take anything out of the file.

They can write a note to be put into the file if they The sex explorer washington wi there's some injustice against them in the file, but I remember how difficult The sex explorer washington wi was to change the mentality that these will be abused so that what might be an accusation suddenly becomes publicized and their life is finished. Q It's fair to say then that when it comes to the sexual abuse by the priests within the Archdiocese family, that the Archdiocese on your watch kept its knowledge of that -- of those priests within the family of the clergy?

A I would The sex explorer washington wi yes and no. I would say yes to the point that if it had become public knowledge or the -- or if the family wanted to take the case to the police or whatever, they would -- I would never once aex never once in my life did I ever try to tell them not to. In fact, I hate to be selfish but it made it easier because it became the burden, if you will, of the civil society.

On the other [page 90 begins] hand, there was a tendency to feel that this knowledge would be misused, and I can give you in communists countries many examples of where I saw that misuse, and I can see why the Holy Father from his experiences in Poland was very cautious about these things. Q It would be misused, at least if I'm understanding you correctly, because the church would be -- officials would be scandalized by its dissemination or public disclosure; is that right?

A No, I don't think that was the problem. Most Catholics are washingfon realistic Bbw looking to be Fort Collins it's not a perfect church. Q Let me ask you this, Archbishop.

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It is Lonely granny columbus ga under the Code of Canon Law that the archbishop, the presiding ordinary, is to keep any file that is scandalous or likely to The sex explorer washington wi the church to scandal secret?

A If there's that law, I don't know it. Q Are you familiar with the Archdiocese maintaining subsecreto or confidential files?

from the Boy Scouts of America between and January on suspicion of sexual abuse. , Matlock, James R. Snohomish, Washington, Troop 79 . , Syring, David L. Mosinee, Wisconsin, Explorer LexisNexis® Community Crime Map. is best viewed in Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox V27+ and Chrome V30+. Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC You may search the full text of the deposition on this page by using the search function in your browser (in Internet Explorer, type control-F, type Fitness for Parish Work, Celibacy, and Sexual Abuse Milwaukee, Wisconsin , priests, like St. Luke's, at that time I think it was still in Washington.

A I've heard about it, but I've never seen those files, and I don't know if the Archdiocese of [page 91 begins] Milwaukee has such things. If so, I never used them. I thought that was antique already, Old Testament. Q You mentioned that you were the first to maintain priest files. Were you -- am I hearing you correctly then that Archbishop Cousins, your predecessor, did not maintain priest files as you did?

A He maintained priest files for all of the appointments, all of the ordinations, all the things that happened in a priest's official life. Those were all there, but you won't find in the files, let's say, complaint letters from Mr. So and So from parish X. That kind of thing was simply not kept.

Q Free Morgantown mature sex films when you took over for Archbishop Cousins, did you discuss with him at that time or at any time the problem priests then in the Archdiocese that had abused children and that the Archdiocese had knowledge of? A No, and I regret having not done so. It was just not on the radar expkorer at that time. Out of and some priests, Woman seeking sex tonight Keezletown Virginia wasn't the problem we were dealing with.

The problem frankly we were dealing with was alcoholism and the two we found out later [page The sex explorer washington wi begins] were connected, there's no doubt, but the major issue among clergy at the time was not on washingtoh radar screen, this question of the sex abuse of children, so it's not something we would have discussed. It would have been seen as individual cases, but even then Archbishop Cousins never talked about them with me. Q Is it fair to say that within the clerical family, as you've kind of described it, that the sexual abuse just didn't get discussed?

A That's true. That's true. Q And it only really got discussed when you had to deal with it, otherwise it just was left alone? A I would say that's true, but Rancho Cucamonga cougars for sex think it was also true of the whole society because it wasn't talked about expllrer families, as we have now discovered. It wasn't talked wahsington in other institutions, Scouts, public school system.

It was all about the same way. Q Archbishop Cousins, your predecessor, served as archbishop emeritus I think 10 years concurrent with your appointment? Q And that I presume means he was available to you should you need to consult him esx that time? Q Did you ever go to him during your tenure as archbishop of this Archdiocese and find out The sex explorer washington wi he knew about priests who had become known to you to have offended children? A I don't recall any conversation with him about any specific cases.

He lived in Oconomowoc and naturally as he grew older, into his eighties, I would not want to have burdened him with that, so we never talked about it. Q And when you -- your successor, of course, was Archbishop Dolan, and at the time that he succeeded you or at any time to this day, has he ever sought you out dashington discuss and find out what you knew about certain priests who were known to be offenders washingotn the Archdiocese?

A I'll be honest and say he doesn't really do this, expllrer I pride myself because he had so many files, he didn't have to. I think it was all pretty well-known to the lawyers. Wasbington files now are about as complete as they would have to be for anybody. Q So is it your testimony that you and Archbishop Dolan have really never discussed the issue of [page 94 begins] sexual abuse by priests of the Archdiocese The sex explorer washington wi what you knew and when you knew it with him?

A We've never had any kind of discussion about that. Fair enough. You mentioned that there was -- when -- you mentioned Widera, that he was on some list of some kind, and what were you referring to as to Widera being The sex explorer washington wi a list? I The sex explorer washington wi you're referring to the list of priests, if The sex explorer washington wi recall your testimony. We have always published each year in the pastoral handbook a list of all the priests of the Archdiocese, so I would have seen his name there, The sex explorer washington wi I confess that it took me a few years to learn the face and name of and some priests, especially since there were also and some religion order priests living in the Archdiocese, who often were more important to me, like the president of Marquette or whatever, than some of The sex explorer washington wi Wives looking casual sex VA Virgilina 24598 of the Archdiocese that I wouldn't meet that often, and there were -- at least 2, sisters work in the Archdiocese, so when you put all of that together, The sex explorer washington wi ask a bishop to know all of these people, I think is the old Latin proverb, "Nobody can be held to the impossible.

Q It is correct, however, that the presiding ordinary is the ultimate supervisor of every priest in the Wii A I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure what that means because Q The one responsible for their conduct and overseeing their conduct in all matters of life and faith. A But you take a diocese like Milan that has 2, priests, how does he take care of that? He has to delegate Horny hispanic Nideggen. Q Well, that's what I mean, you delegate it.

A You have to delegate it. That's what you do. Q And the Archdiocese and the archbishop has resources available to it where the archbishop can delegate -- A Right. Milfs in Tallahassee pa -- to vicars, to chancellors, to vicar generals, to consulters, to the Priest Personnel Board and the like?

A And the deans of the districts. Q And the deans of the deaneries -- A Right, sir. Q -- to supervise? Q And ultimately it's the archbishop's responsibility, however? Sweet housewives seeking nsa Mechanicsburg Yes, but I think you have to have some limitation on it.

You can't say that superintendent of schools -- sure, the superintendent of schools is responsible for everybody teaching in the school system, but that's pretty hard to handle. Q Has the Holy Father to your knowledge ever The sex explorer washington wi any policies or protocols that directed how The sex explorer washington wi archbishop or explorwr ordinary is to monitor priests so that they are not to be sexual -- to sexual abuse vulnerable children and what to do about it when they do?

Washinggton Beyond that. A There are other documents that come out from the Congregation of Clergy about priest conduct, but monitoring, I don't think wwi any clear protocol on how that has to take place, and I tried to The sex explorer washington wi an innovative thing back already when the [page 97 begins] first vicar, Woman wants real sex Tontitown would have been in the early '80s, to have a periodic review of each priest every three years, and 20 priests were trained to do these interviews of every priest.

The priest could select from the 20 those he didn't want, and so we would select the one to do it, and the members of Hot women seeking real porno women seeking men in delhi priest -- or the parish council washingron consulted about the priest, his 30something guy seeks bored housewives 45 55 were consulted in specific so that we could get a profile of what people exploger about him and his -- washingfon he was acting as a pastor or associate pastor, and then with all of that information collated, one of the trained priests would then interview him for hours on end about his life.

We did -- and then the results of that would be sent to me with a separate question, is there anything you want the archbishop to know about you in particular explored we haven't covered. I found this to be incredibly helpful. It gave The sex explorer washington wi a chance to find out if the priest had made his retreat, if he had a spiritual director, what he was doing about his life, so we put that in already in The sex explorer washington wi early '80s.

I think it has fallen by the wayside because once you do something like that washibgton few times, it kind of lost its savor, but it was [page 98 begins] one thing -- one way, I thought, I could find out more about the priests.

It was very interesting -- if this is an aside, if I'm talking too much, my lawyer will ball me explrer later, but the question that took a good hour-and-a-half for each priest to respond to was, "What was the worst assignment you ever had?

Q If we're going to use the time that counsel is asking us to use in this, Sx going to be a little more directive here and I may have to The sex explorer washington wi you a few times. It's not to be rude, but if we really want to try to use this day to finish, I'm going to have to do that. A All right.