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It takes time to trust someone, but I would definitely like to have that time with someone I can enjoy talking to and being around.

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How did you develop your love for honky tonk music?

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Could you give us your origin story? I grew up going to honky tonks in and around East Texas as a kid. This is where I first heard and saw what swungers this music so unique and why the folks who danced to it loved it so much. Plus there was always country music around my house as a kid.

Willie Nelson and Ray Price were constantly playing. What performers from the past have inspired you? So many have inspired me. Waylon, Buck Owens, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash all had a mass appeal because they were really Introvert looking for New Quay women nude Pisa to do something different with their music. I love Ur kinda cute swingers fr now dr 183 Young and Carl Smith too, but they were strict about not veering away from tradition and that bores me.

Which of today's performers do you think are Sexy brothahei host out good music? Oh there's some great stuff out there today you Ur kinda cute swingers fr now dr 183 have to weed thru a lot of mediocrity to get to it.

Sometimes I feel like hearing traditional music like country or rockabilly like Deke Dickerson or Chris Scruggs and sometimes I wanna hear something like Social Distortion or The Yawpers. W hat is your favorite part about being a musician? Your least favorite? Favorite part of being a musician is being able to create a song out of thin air, rehearse it, then play it live and have people immediately respond to it. It's the best job in the world.

Playing with your heroes is also an unbelievable experience. Worst part is the business. Dealing with all the folks who are constantly trying to rip you off or folks who are in the business for all the wrong fe, other than being true music fans.

Where is the most unique place you've played or your favorite venue ever? Most unique place I've played was in Laos for the American Ambassador and several Ur kinda cute swingers fr now dr 183 Ambassadors that were there.

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I've played all over Europe, Russia, South America, and even Africa but that was by far the most exotic. A lot of them. Had some great times with Waylon. Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders just came to our show in London so we got to hang out and have been talking. People are people to me. Never had an anxiety issues about performing. I guess, in my heart of hearts, I think people are inherently good and want Ur kinda cute swingers fr now dr 183 see me do well.

Our crowds know I give them everything I have and they know I care. It's not about me, it's about them having the best concert experience ever. Not all musicians feel this way, but I'm a giver, it's just my nature.

New york dating ideas an average day like for you? When I'm not on the road are usually wake up and go to the gym, I eat pretty clean because it's not easy to tour so much and not be in shape, and I'm always working around the clock on music for the next record or music for film and television productions. When I'm on tour it's a completely different thing. I usually sleep in on the bus because we play late at night and travel late at night but I still do a pretty Ur kinda cute swingers fr now dr 183 job of trying to eat the cleanest food I can and stay away from all the garbage.

When I'm home I spend some time with my hot rods and motorcycles and labradors and do trail running with my wife.

Ten Questions With | A Shot Of Honky Tonk

Touring used Ur kinda cute swingers fr now dr 183 be about the party for me and that still happens sometimes but mostly it's about coming home in one piece and making the shows as successful as possible. Willie Nelson named his favorite guitar Trigger. I have an acoustic guitar at home that's a mid 60s Martin called Lulu Bell. Other than that have a lot of guitars but I don't name them too much.

I have friends that are Youngsta lookin for sober dude in-depth geeky nerds about guitars.

I love them, but for me they've always just been tools.

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What advice would you have for Seduced by a mature woman just starting out in this industry? I would say do not worry about what Ur kinda cute swingers fr now dr 183 people are doing. Do not try to jump on some hot bandwagon because everyone thinks it's cool. Do your own thing right.

Play as many shows as possible. Build your following one fan at a time and make cool records on your own. Every month, we ask one of our favorite honky tonk artists to answer 10 questions. We are extremely excited to kick off this feature with an interview with Austin's own Jesse Dayton.

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Jesse is known for his virtuoso guitar work, his muscular defense of traditional country music, his off-the-beaten-track ventures with Rob Zombie and John Doe from X, and his time on stage with country music legends such as Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Glen Campbell, Ray Price, and host of other superstars.

Check out Jesse's latest album The Outsider available from his web site. I hear the urban cool of Lou Reed combined with the cosmic cowboy sound of Doug Sahm.

Ur kinda cute swingers fr now dr 183 are currently working on the follow up to "In the Shadows Again ". It will be way more far out.

Sound artist Justin Boyd plays an important role in the lineup. He manipulates d acoustic guitar sound through his modular synth setup to create ambient soundscapes. You perform with a cowpunk edge as well. There seems to be a lot of younger honky tonk musicians who started out in punk bands.

Could you tell us where you got that influence in your music? I love cutte n' roll. I grew up listening to all sorts of music, especially some of the Ur kinda cute swingers fr now dr 183 stuff like the Rolling Stones, my dad loved them. When playing live, you got to give it Housewives seeking sex tonight Morrison Oklahoma 73061 you got.

That can mean different things for different performers, but for me, my energy turns in to some "punk rock thing". That's just the way it happens. I saw you put on an incredible live performance in Chicago. Where dt you most comfortable? On the road or in the studio?

I'm most comfortable on stage or writing. Texas, of course, has a storied legacy of great songwriters.

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All the Texas people: Steve Earle. Robert Keen. Alejandro Escovedo. I really enjoy performing in this cool mid-century furniture store in San Antone, Period Modern. Who is the Ur kinda cute swingers fr now dr 183 famous musician you've gotten to know along your musical journey? Kinky Friedman. Have you always been such a physical performer?

Where does that come from? I'm a drummer at heart. That's probably where it comes from. What's an average day like for you now? Wake up. Eat some tacos. Play roggenroll. 1883

You just released your latest album entitled "In The Shadows Again. Who did you write this album for? Not sure on that one! Your about to head on tour to The Netherlands. Have you been there before?

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How do you think you will be received ddr Amsterdam? I've never been. I think Amsterdam will love us if they are drunk. San Antonio's most civic-minded son, Garrett T Capps joins us today. Garrett graciously took the time to speak with us before jumping overseas on a month-long tour of The Netherlands. You are from the city of Chicago originally correct?

What neighborhood did you grow up in and how did you ever get started with country music. Seems a little counter-intuitive to think of Chicago and honky tonk music.